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Need a new name for your veterinary newsletter? This is what I've learned...

Posted in Our Community @ Dec 10th 2015 - By Judy Gillespie
Need A New Name For Your Veterinary Newsletter

Did you notice the new name??

For 200 editions the Vetanswers weekly eNewsletter has been called…. The Vetanswers Weekly Member’s eNewsletter. Original right? I think when I first started the weekly newsletter I always intended to come up with a new and creative name ….but it never happened and here we are 200 editions later!

So two weeks ago I came up with the brilliant plan to offer a bottle of Moet to the person who could come up with the RIGHT name for the Weekly eNewsletter. I figured over 700 hundred heads were better than one and that it’s often easier to come up with a name for someone else’s business than it is for your own.

And I received ONE response (thanks Cathy :) ).

Google is my friend

I liked Cathy’s suggestion but didn’t feel it was the RIGHT name and so I did what I always do….I turned to Google.  I can’t remember exactly what search terms I used but I generally have success in my searches when I state the obvious and so probably typed in “awesome newsletter name” or something similar. I searched through blog posts and lists and although there were lots of suggested names none of them suited an online newsletter for a veterinary community – one of the downsides of having such a niche business!

I did however come across a post called ‘6 tips on creating compelling newsletter titles’ which offered some great tips, so I cut and pasted them onto a Word document and started to brainstorm.

I thought it might be useful to give you an idea of the process I followed in case you might also want too come up with a newsletter title for your business in the future.

Here are the tips I worked with.. 

1. Focus on your industry, not your company name

We’re often so close to our business that it's easy to assume our business name is essential to every part of our branding and it can be difficult to let it go. But if your newsletter is about more than what’s going on within your business it does make sense to look further afield for a name and to focus on your particular niche or industry. So I decided to let go of the idea of having 'Vetanswers' in the title.

2. Consider benefits for your subscribers

The key question here is to determine what value you intend on bringing to your audience.  What are you going to bring to your readers that will actually make them want to read your newsletter?

So I listed the benefits that I wanted the Vetanswers newsletter to bring to all of our members: news, special offers, information, develop a sense of community (belonging), develop connections 

3. Remember your target audience

Who is going to benefit most from your newsletter? This may sound like an obvious question but you can’t meet the needs of everyone so this is where you need to be specific.

4. Incorporate action into your title

This was a tricky one and to be honest I don’t think I quite managed to get there. The blog post suggested two ways to incorporate some action into your title. You could use a verb, usually at the beginning of the title or add ‘ing’ to the verb that describes your main purpose.

5. Brainstorm content

As I’ve already published 200 editions of my newsletter this tip wasn’t quite so useful but if you were just starting your newsletter this would be a great exercise to do. I especially liked the suggestion to survey your customers to find out what content they may be interested in (An idea I’d like to pursue in the future!).

6. Don’t call it a newsletter

Woops - for 200 editions that's exactly what it was called! I do completely agree that the term 'newsletter' is stating the bleeding obvious and in this context is redundant. So this is where I ditched the word 'newsletter'.  

Here are some suggestions that could be used in its place:

  • News
  • Trends
  • Report
  • Guide
  • Letter
  • Review
  • Insider
  • Today
  • Weekly

Then it was time for the brainstorming….

Once I had filled in all I could under the tips above I started putting together some titles by basically stringing together some of the words I'd listed under the headings above. Then I revisited my friend Google and researched the titles I had come up with.  One of my favourites had to be abandoned as there was already a product with the same name so this is an important step not to be missed.

An important point I came across in another blog post and which I kept reminding myself is this….

“Just remember that clarity overrules creativity, always. While fun titles are great, if you don’t make it clear what it is, people won’t sign up.”

(How to name Your Email Newsletter: 15 Creative Examples)

The last thing I did was throw the names around with my family while we were having dinner and that helped to further reduce the ‘possible’ list until I finally decided on….

Veterinary Connect eNews

It may not be as wildly creative as I was hoping BUT it does clearly state who the weekly eNews is for (everyone in the veterinary industry) and what my main aim is (connecting our Community).

So welcome to the next era of the Vetanswers newsletter…..Veterinary Connect eNews… I wonder if it will last another 200 editions?! 


Stephen @ Dec 11th 2015 10:18am
A bit too close to that American lab companies VetConnect ( for my liking.
Judy @ Dec 11th 2015 12:45pm
Hi Stephen, I did consider that when I chose the name but couldn't find an online newsletter from the company that uses a similar name so figured that Veterinary Connect eNews was far enough away from VetConnect for there to be a clear differentiation. I'd be interested to hear what it is that you don't like about the similarity though. Regards Judy
lisa blair @ Dec 15th 2015 2:22pm
Mmmm. i KNOW it's not helpful after the event, and I love the idea of when you next review (in about 100 issues) what about Veterinary Community Connections eNews? :) because it's always helpful to get feedback AFTER you've agonised about a decision....and Merry Christmas if I don't look at any other older posts before then - hope it's a good one for you and yours
Judy @ Dec 15th 2015 2:34pm
All feedback is good feedback Lisa :) And that is one of the benefits of running your own business - you can change your mind whenever you like! I must say I like your suggestion ...Veterinary Community Connections... Merry Christmas you you and your family too Lisa and thanks for all of your input during 2015 :)

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