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Now THIS is What I Call a Worm!

Posted in Client Service @ Feb 7th 2013 5:08pm - By Judy Gillespie
Jess Giant Worm

Supermarket worming medication - good as veterinary prescribed meds?

My friend sent me this photo the other day of a worm she had just pulled out of her dog.  It’s missing about 20cm from it!

Now for some background – let’s call my friend Jane and her dog Jess. Jess is a 12-month-old mixed breed dog who visits the vet regularly for her check up & heartworm vaccination. Jane has been worming her every three months using worming tablets from the supermarket as she thought they were cheaper than those from her vet and offered the same protection.

She had no idea that wasn’t the case.  But she sure found out after extracting this tapeworm from her dog!

My first question is.....

During her last visit to the vet why did someone not notice that she wasn’t purchasing worming products from them and ask a few simple questions?

My second question is ....

How many of your clients believe they’re doing the best thing for their pets and don’t understand the difference between purchasing supermarket worming products & veterinary stocked products?


How many sales are you missing out on by not asking a few questions and offering some information via your website, Facebook or fact sheets?

You could even consider joining the ‘Parasite Prevention Program’– super convenient for your clients and your veterinary practice still benefits!

Oh and because one look is never enough - here he is again! 

Feel free to use this image to show your clients on your website, social media, etc 'Jane' says it's ok & frankly Jess is happy to see the end of it!!




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