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Now THIS is What I Call Service!

Posted in Client Service @ Oct 25th 2011 6:12pm - By Judy Gillespie
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I’m passionate about customer service!  I get passionately angry when I receive bad or indifferent service & I become a passionate advocate when I receive good service. 

So what has prompted me to write a blog on the topic?  My experience over the last few weeks with an online service for which I pay about $2 per week has fired me up!  I’ve had problems getting the newsletter module attached to my website working correctly so in the interim I decided to go with a service I had used in the past called ‘Mad Mimi’. I registered for the basic plan for US$8 month which allows me to send up to 500 emails per ‘promotion’ as many times a month as I want.  But this isn’t all I’ve received for my $8 per month.

When I registered I received a 5 part training programme sent via email over 5 days – each with its own simple topics & links to more information.  Once I was ready to send out my first newsletter I went through a simple verification process with ‘Kate’ to make sure I wasn’t sending out spam.  Each time I send a newsletter I receive an email verifying it has been sent and including a direct link to my statistics.  Now I’m sure other similar companies provide the same services, but what has really impressed me has been the responses I have received each time I have emailed Kate with questions or problems. Each time I have received a response within an hour.  She always answers my questions in such a polite & friendly manner that I honestly feel I’m talking to a friend - at the very least I feel like a valued client.

Have I mentioned I’m paying $8 per month for all this?

 Now I have to admit I haven’t tried any other similar service like ‘Mail Chimp’ but with the service I’ve been receiving – why would I bother going anywhere else?

So why am I telling you all this?  Well – how do you treat your clients who spend $8/month or maybe $100/year? 

Do you treat them the same way as you would a client who spends much more?  When ‘someone’ walks in your door to buy a flea treatment or a couple of pig’s ears – do you treat them the same way as your high spending clients?  Why not?  They may be a ‘passionate’ person like me who just loves to spread the good word about great experiences, or they may be less than impressed with their current vet and may be looking for one that will impress!

In fact why not go further and take a leaf out of Mad Mimi’s book on how to treat new clients?  Why not set up a welcome email campaign for new clients?  Each email you send out could be on a different service that you offer, for example:

  1. Welcoming your new client, giving them an overview of your practice values & introducing your team (including links to your website);
  2. Introduce your Puppy Pre-School, an overview of the expertise you can offer with pet training & behavioural issues (with links to information sheets to download);
  3. Explain your Wellness programme (again with links to downloadable resources); 
  4. Introduce your grooming/boarding services (maybe add a link to a discount voucher) ; 
  5. Explain your ‘Weight Watches’ club & ‘Senior Pets Programmes.

How impressed would your new clients be to receive this information? If they were like me they would be so impressed with your awesome level of service they would start writing blogs about it!  If they are a little less ‘passionate’ about information & service then they could take the option to ‘unsubscribe’ from your welcome programme – easy – no more emails.

So what do you think?  Would this email programme work for your new (& existing) clients?  If so, is it something you think Vetanswers could help with by putting together some templates or ideas for you to use?

Let me know in the comments below – I’ve just found out that Mad Mimi has an affiliate programme so I’m off to sign up for it!!

PS. Now I've joined the Mad Mimi affiliate programme I receive a small payment each time someone signs up for the service using my code that's embedded in the link.  How's that for rewarding a word of mouth referral from a passionate client? :)  Hmm - rewarding passionate clients - I think that's another blog topic!


Sandra Winkworth @ Oct 25th 2011 7:37pm
Thanks Judy, great article, and so very opportune following our staff meeting today which addressed many of the points you make. I have sent the link on to our staff as further endorsement of the results of our meeting. In the lousy economy we're experiencing at the moment it is the businesses that consistently provide great service that will survive. implementing and maintaining this level of service will provide something of a challenge to those of the 'old school' no doubt. Like you, I keep banging away at it as the only way forward in the face of increasing competition, and increasingly demanding consumer attitudes and expectations.
Judy Gillespie @ Oct 26th 2011 12:16pm
Thanks Sandy - I'm glad you enjoyed it & thanks for your great comments. I agree - one of my favourite sayings is "Be the opposite of your competitors". I think many pet owners love information about their pets & the more you can tell them how awesome you are and how much you can actually do - the better! Judy

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