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Party Dressing for Salads

Posted in Food! It's all about food.. @ Mar 26th 2015 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
Glow Mayonnaise

Quick, healthy & TASTY recipes for busy veterinary professionals

Salads are quick, healthy and trust me NOT boring with these awesome dressings.

I eat a LOT of salads.  I have one for lunch nearly every day and then often another for dinner.  Not because I’m watching my weight, not just because I live in a hot climate and not because I don’t eat bread (it really doesn’t like me).  My main reason is because of the amazing greens I can buy these days. I honestly believe I can buy a greater range of salad greens for a much cheaper price than green vegetables that need to be cooked! 

At the moment this is what’s in my fridge:

  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Baby cos lettuce
  • Baby spinach/rocket mix
  • Purple cabbage (one of my favourites – mix ¼ to ½ thinly sliced purple cabbage & ½ wombok with 2 x grated carrots, keep in a large air tight container in the fridge.  Each day add dressing & some chicken, canned tuna, etc. & there’s your lunch for 3 days!)
  • Wombok
  • Baby kale

Another reason for my love of salads is because I’ve discovered some amazing salad dressings that make a huge difference to the taste of a ‘boring’ salad. Of course they all come from Kira Westwick’s amazing recipe range.

Click here for my all-time favourite dressing 

1. ‘Sweet Honey & Apple Cider Dressing’ 

How I did it…..

I always have a batch of this made up as it keeps for ages.  I store it in a little salad dressing bottle in the pantry and give it a bit of shake before using.  You can vary the ingredients to suit your taste for example I'm not a fan of thyme & so often substitute oregano but whatever you choose I guarantee everyone will love it! 

But that’s just for starters….

Sometimes you might want a different tasting dressing especially if you’re a lover of the more creamy styles.

Click here for some creamy style dressings......

2. Garlic Aioli

Last time I made this one was to go with some chicken wraps we were having for dinner - another quick Thursday night ‘on-the-run’ meal.


3. Creamy chipotle dressing

Haven’t made this one yet – but it’s on my list.

4. Creamy sweet chilli dipping sauce

I made this one to go over some leftover re-heated roast potato and sweet potato – awesome.

5. Caesar dressing

This one went with the ‘Wholesome KFC Chicken’ I made the other night and I then used the remainder up on salads for lunch – you really could just add this to a plate of lettuce & it would taste great.

And click here for ........

6. Glow Avocado 'Mayonnaise'

I've just found this one while reseraching links to the others and it looks awesome - see image at the top of this post.

So what do you think?

Give these salad dressings a go and I gurantee you'll never think of a salad as boring again.  If you have any questions just ask them in the comments section below.

Next week... Shepherd's Pie (shhhh don't tell the shepherd but there's no meat involved!)


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