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Perfection is overrated! Is this your excuse for not writing blog posts?

Posted in Our Community @ May 9th 2016 - By Judy Gillespie
I Rate Your Veterinary Blog Post

Is the search for perfection the reason you don’t write more veterinary blog posts?

It’s funny how you can sometimes come across a number of articles in the same week on the same topic... 

One week it was blog posts.  First I came across the Seth Godin’s blog post ‘Polishing perfect’.  Seth is a ‘marketing guru’ who publishes a blog post every day... yep.....  every day!  Mostly they are short sharp, to the point opinion pieces – this one is just over 100 words and the message?

Holding up a project due to fear-based polishing is a crime. 

It’s a crime because you’re holding up something of value to someone (your client, the veterinary community) because you may be worried about what those who don’t need it may say. 

Then I came across this blog post originally posted in January by Reviewz ‘N’ Tips: Not Every Article You Publish Has to be Exceptional.  The message in this one was similar – yes quality content is important but not every single thing you publish has to be exceptional.  In fact consistency can be more important than quality.  One brilliantly awesome blog post published every six months is not going to be as much use to your clients or community as a number of less perfect posts published more regularly.  And if you’re publishing information that people are interested in and find useful, then they’re going to forgive the odd imperfection.  They'll just be greatful for the consistently useful information.

I’ll let you in on a secret.......

The more blog posts you write, the better you become at writing them and the faster you become at writing them.

Another secret?

You won't achieve consistency without setting yourself a target.  So set yourself a goal to publish one blog post a week – no excuses – and then publish it – no excuses!  Even if it’s not perfect, even if it’s not very long - publish it!


So what information can you share consistently with your clients and the veterinary community?  Tell us in the comments section below.


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