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Pet food/drug companies & the veterinary industry - too close for comfort or supportive partners

Posted in Our Community @ Nov 19th 2015 - By Judy Gillespie
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Do your clients understand 'Why' you supply the pet food that you do?

If you haven't explained this to them, then the only information they may receive could be from this ABC 7.30 Report from 12/11/2015: 

Revealed: the relationship between your pet and pharmaceutical companies

 - "You are probably getting a lot more than you bargained for when you take your pet to the vet. 7.30 reveals that multinational pharmaceutical companies are entrenched in the education, research and business of pets."

Do you agree?

What are your thoughts on the concerns expressed in the report that pet food companies have too much financial involvement in the industry from sponsorship & speakers at conferences to providing branded lab coats to veterinary uni students?

What do you think your client's views would be? 

What should the response be from the veterinary industry as a whole?

I can see the argument  from both sides but I do believe it's essential to have a discussion about it, if only to help you determine how you'll address the issue with your clients. I don't think ignoring it will make it go away and if you choose not to address it with your clients you may find they have no choice but to believe what they hear in the media.

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