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Pet Nutrition - Who's the expert in your veterinary practice?

Posted in Client Service @ Apr 25th 2013 - By Judy Gillespie
Kitten & bulldog with food

There has been quite a few blog posts and articles online recently on the topic of pet nutrition: the benefits of veterinarian recommended food;  the evils of commercial food; the benefits of raw diets; the dangers of home prepared food.....

Throughout it all I’ve been pushing the idea that it’s up to all of those working in veterinary practices to take up the challenge and provide scientifically based information to your clients so they don’t have to go looking for the information themselves - Vet builds solid gold house on pet food sales.   Another recent blog post from a veterinarian in the US, Dr Chris Bern, had a similar message (The Great Veterinary Food Conspiracy?) so I was very interested to read yet another blog post on pet nutrition by Heather Biele on the dvm360 website – Dig into pet nutrition

The sentence that made me start to really think was:"Nutrition and food might be low on the clinician's priority list, but they're very high on the client's priority list," (Dig into pet nutrition, 1/4/2013, Biele H.) 

Yep – as a client what we feed our pets is very, very important to us. 

We want to do the very best we can for our furry family members and there is a very big push for the search for more ‘natural’ foods.

This means clients are not only going to be searching for information on the benefits of various types of pet foods but it would also be a tremendous help if they could discuss their pet’s nutrition with an expert in their local veterinary practice.

So my question is – who in your practice is the expert on pet nutrition?

Click here to answer a very quick online survey on pet nutrition in your veterinary practice.  As usual the answers are totally anonymous and our aim in collecting the information is to share what’s happening in our community and do the best we can to provide resources to help you out – so click here to tell it like it is!

Then tell us in the comment section below what information you think your clients are most interested in with reagrds to pet nutrition.


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