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Pets and Community Health - a Fantastic NEW Resource from PIAS

Posted in Guest Blogger @ Jun 5th 2012 12:42pm - By Tim Adams - Petcare Information & Advisory Service


Would you like a gorgeous, glossy hard copy of the NEW resource: PIAS Pets and Community Health to display in your practice? 

The lovely pFREE resource for Vetanswers memberseople at PIAS have offfered to send Vetanswers members a FREE hard copy version. Just add your name and contact details in the comments section below or email me your contact details at

There are limited hard copies available so it's first in, first served and the offer is only available to Australian Vetanswers members!


People have enjoyed the benefits of living with companion animals for thousands of years. Our relationship with pets stretches back at least 12,000 years and today pets are regarded as valued members of the family.  In fact, over 60% of Australian households own a pet and there is a great deal of research that shows how we benefit from the relationships we have with companion animals.

FREE Resource for Vetanswers membersIn recognition of the growing interest in this area of research, the Petcare Information and Advisory Service has recently published Pets and Community Health which can be downloaded at no cost from the PIAS website:

Information from Pets and Community Health can be used in a variety of ways to inform staff and clients eg:

  • A section from Pets and Community Health could be used in your practice’s marketing materials from time to time.
  • The information could be used in staff training.
  • Copies can be printed from and made available in your reception area.
  • You might want to use a section as a blog topic or facebook post.

The copy can be used in your marketing materials with reference to the Petcare Information and Advisory Service (PIAS) but the images are copyright and cannot be used.  If you wish to source images for use in your Veterinary Clinic, images can be downloaded (at no cost) from the newsroom section of

Please visit the Petnet Publications and Information section on our website for a great range of other resources including:

  • Pets and The Elderly
  • Pets and Community Health
  • Pets in the City


Mira Tomasello @ Jun 5th 2012 6:54pm
Mira Tomasello C/- Caroline Springs Veterinary Hospital 18 Studley Park Way CAROLINE SPRINGS VIC 3023
Tegan morley @ Jun 5th 2012 6:56pm
6 acacia st, Hamlin heights, Victoria, 3215
Rhys Hayward @ Jun 5th 2012 8:39pm
HI Judy, I would love a copy for each of our clinics (Strathalbyn Vet Clinic, Riverport Vet Hospital and Victor Central Vet Clinic). Cheers, Rhys
Kerri Cosgrove @ Jun 6th 2012 8:05am
Michele Haynes @ Jun 6th 2012 9:40am
Free Pets and Community Health for Salisbury Highway Veterinary Surgery
rose parsons @ Jun 6th 2012 10:58am
I would love a hard copy of the book PIAS Pets and the Community if there is still one available. Rose's Veterinary Practice 149 Pakenham St Echuca Vic 3564
Ashalin Browne @ Jun 6th 2012 4:08pm
Attn: Asha Browne, Stones Corner Vet Surgery, 28 Junction Street, Woolloongabba QLD 4102 THANK YOU!
Kate Mullen @ Jun 8th 2012 12:33pm
This would be wonderful for our clinic's reception :) Marburg Veterinary Clinic 140 Edmond Street (PO Box 70) Marburg QLD 4346 Thanks guys
Judy Gillespie @ Jun 8th 2012 1:20pm
Thanks to all those who have responded so far to receive a hard copy of the new PIAS resource: Pets and Community Health :) If you're already a Vetanswers member - you're on the list. If you're not yet a Vetanswers member, I've sent you an email with details on how you can join up & then I can add your details to the list to receive a copy. Regards Judy
Paula Roberts @ Jun 9th 2012 10:16am
Batemans Bay Vet Surgery P.o Box 3182 Batehaven,NSW, 2536
Jane Kohler @ Jun 11th 2012 1:07pm
i would love a copy, thank you.
Beth Reinders @ Jun 11th 2012 4:03pm
Greencross vets Hyde park Hyde park centre Hyde park 4812
albertina mcnab @ Jun 13th 2012 8:58am
2 cansdale st blacktown n.s.w australia 2148
Chelsea Forrest-Smith @ Jun 14th 2012 2:56pm
Hi Judy I would love a copy for both clinics waiting rooms. Pet Universe Broadview 71 Hampstead Rd Manningham SA 5086, Pet Universe Northgate Cnr Fosters Rd & Folland Ave Northgate SA 5085 Many thanks :)
Julie Rodger @ Jun 22nd 2012 7:50am
PO Box 2445 Keperra Qld 4054
Judy Gillespie @ Jun 22nd 2012 11:55am
Hopefully you will all be receiving your lovely hard copy of PIAS 'Pets & Community Health' shortly (if you haven't already received it). Julie - I'll send your detail to PIAS today also :) Regards Judy
Deidre Pyecroft @ Jun 27th 2012 10:38am
If I'm not too late, we would love a copy, please. Send to Kings Meadows Vet Clinic, 207 Hobart Rd., Kings meadows, Tas 7249. Thanks.
Judy Gillespie @ Jun 27th 2012 8:41pm
Sure no problems Deidre :)
Deb Moran @ Jul 1st 2012 12:16pm
Hope I am not too late! 40 Newmarket Road, Windsor 4030
Judy Gillespie @ Jul 1st 2012 3:47pm
Not too late Deb & welcome to Vetanswers :)
Amanda Earl @ Sep 3rd 2012 3:54pm
I would love a copy for our clinic. Thank you
Judy Gillespie @ Sep 3rd 2012 4:13pm
No problems Amanda & welcome to Vetanswers :)
David Challen @ Nov 20th 2012 8:47am
Not sure if the offer is still going, but we would love a copy if possible. Please send to East Bundaberg Vet Hospital, PO Box 6001 Bundaberg East 4670
Judy @ Nov 22nd 2012 2:12pm
I hope you have all found your copy of the PIAS resource 'Pets and Community Health' useful - they've now all gone :( Thanks to PIAS for providing such a great free resource to our members!
Deb Moran @ Jun 11th 2015 11:42pm
Hi Judy, did anyone receive a hard copy of the poster? Cheers Deb
Judy @ Jun 15th 2015 6:42pm
Hi Deb, I didn't hear back from anyone to say they hadn't received it so I'm not really sure. My contact no longer works for PIAS so I'm not able to check with him but you may be able to contact them directly? Regards Judy

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