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Practice Management Software - does it support or hinder the high standard of care you deliver?

Posted in Guest Blogger @ Feb 11th 2021 - By Janelle Beaven, Director, Astute Veterinary Solutions
Pm Software Does It Support Or Hinder The High Standard Of Care You Deliver

Think about this: Is your Practice Management Software (PMS) supporting the consistent, high standard of care you aim to deliver to your patients & clients?

Or do you believe that your standards of care and your PMS are two different areas?

Have we got you thinking?


If your daily tasks include:

  • Patient admissions and discharges
  • Printing forms
  • Invoicing
  • Finding the cost of a drug
  • History reporting
  • Monthly budget reporting
  • Inventory purchases and receivables

Then you are performing a Standard of Care.

What is the level of care you're delivering daily?

The next question is: What is the level of care you’re delivering in these daily tasks?

Every process you perform within your practice reflects your Standards of Care for your clients & patients, including within your PMS. All tasks have a company standard.

Are you confident in making changes to your PMS?

Are you confident in making the necessary changes to your PMS effectively and efficiently when you:

Introduce a new service to your veterinary practice?

Add a new drug to your inventory?

Decide it’s time to change your OTT pricing?

Or do some, or all, of these situations, sound more familiar?

1. Introduced a new service fee but struggled to enter it into your inventory list before your employee offered the new price or service to a client. Your employee couldn’t find the newly added price, or the new service fee was incorrect on your client’s invoice.

2. You made changes to an admission form printed from your PMS but couldn't work out how to do it correctly. The result was the old form printed instead of the new one.

3. You know your PMS caters for auto ordering and reconciliation with features that no-one knows how to use successfully.

4. You added a new procedure where employees sent daily reminders or called clients for their next day appointments. Your employees found this task too hard, resulting in only 80% of clients contacted, or not at all.

5. You know income has reduced due to a locum Veterinarian being unaware of new procedures. 

6. You've had to wait weeks for your PMS provider to fix an issue.

7. Your PMS help/user manuals were too technical or did not account for your specific needs.

8. You realised changing a process can have a negative ripple effect on other systems.

Your PMS must always support your Standards of Care

Your PMS is designed to reflect your Standards of Care for your clients, patients and employees. Used efficiently, it ensures that all of your employees consistently follow the Standards of Care of your practice.

Veterinary Software is supposed to make your life easier!

It is supposed to ensure consistency in the level of service you deliver throughout all aspects of your veterinary practice, including your team. It’s supposed to grow with your practice, plus support the delivery of new services and operational changes, as required.

If this isn't true for your practice....

If this is not true for your current situation, then you might want to CALL an EXPERT!

Calling an expert will help you make the necessary changes to your PMS, train you along the way and most importantly, make sure everything works smoothly!

If you currently lack the time, knowledge or resources to implement new pricing/processes to your clinic PMS, calling in an expert will save you time and money. Not to mention, also reduce your stress levels.

How to choose the best PMS expert

However, before you pick up the phone to make that appointment, it's best to have an idea of what a great PMS expert should be able to offer.

They should:

  • Be able to implement new processes that ensure you can operate your PMS with ease plus integrate any future changes
  • Have experience in creating processes that will align with your unique clinic environment.
  • Allow you to set the standard and involve the whole team.
  • Investigate all options on your system before making any changes.

If you would like to work with a PMS expert that ticks all of these boxes and more, please give our team at Astute Veterinary Solutions a call. We would love to help you sort out any problems you may be having with your PMS.

We would also love to make sure ALL your systems support the high level of clinical care you provide  for your patients and clients.

Click HERE to visit our website or click HERE to email me your questions directly.

About Janelle

Janelle is a Veterinary Software Strategist who enjoys helping people bridge the gap between technology and skills. Having been associated with the veterinary profession for over 30 years as a veterinary nurse and practice manager, she is now coaching practice managers and owners in how to improve their software systems and processes.

Janelle is an accredited Training and Assessment Program Author. After years of investigation and trials, she was delighted to showcase her new VHPT program (Veterinary Hospital Process Training) and online resource shop recently at The Vet Expo.

Janelle is located at Lake Macquarie NSW, and services clients Australia wide. Distance is no barrier!

Her passion is to empower practice owners and managers with the tools to run effective practices.

Click HERE to visit the Asutue Veterinary Solutions Page in our Business Directory



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