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Self confidence in the veterinary business world

Posted in Our Community @ Apr 16th 2015 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
2015 Achieve Self Confidence 2

I think the Universe was telling me something this week.

I read a lot of information every week from a wide variety of sources - this week one topic seemed to stand out...

I think it all started when I came across Dr Natasha Wilks (High Performance Vets) blog post: Lacking Self Confidence?  In the Post Natasha discusses how on graduation she lacked confidence but managed to develop it through persistence, continued learning and improving her skills.

Then I received an email from the Australian Businesswomen’s Network offering a free eBook: Breaking Through: Discover the Single-Most Important Habit You Need to Really Breakthrough in Your Business (I’ll give you a hint…. It’s called The Confidence Habit)

I’m never one to pass up a free eBook and once I had signed up for it the ABN then offered a free one hour webinar: Breaking Through: How to Boost Your Confidence, Your Business and Your Impact (If you’re interested you’d better hurry as they were offering the webinars on Friday 17/4, Saturday 18/4 and Sunday 19/4/15).

Then I came across a blog post from Entrepreneur: 5 Powerful Rules for Women Entrepreneurs to Live By.  And I don’t think these ‘rules’ are just for entrepreneurs either – I think they offer some great advice for anyone who has or wants their own business so they can have greater control over their future. (My favourite is 4. Know that making money is like making broccoli!)

Okay..okay…Universe - I’m onto it!

The overwheming theme was self confidence and how it's essential to achieving success as a business owner.  As Natasha Wilks writes in her blog post:

"Self confidence is a skill.  Being a skill means it can be trained. You can develop this skill!....Dr Ivan Joseph defines self confidence as the ability to believe in yourself to accomplish any task, no matter the odds, the difficulty or the adversity."

Now I'm pretty sure that this is a skill we could all do with - whether you're a veterinarian, veterinary nurse, business owner, practice manager or you work in business that supplies the veterinary industry. We could all do with a healthy dose of self confidence to achieve our goals no matter what the adversity.

So my mission over the next few weeks is to build my confidence to sell the amazing benefits of Vetanswers to all those companies that supply the veterinary industry.  I believe that Vetanswers offers an awesome opportunity for businesses to become a part of – now it’s time to show those opportunities to others.

So what’s your self confidence like with regards to your work or business?

Is developing or building your self confidence something that you think would make a difference to your future success?

If it is, feel free to join me on my journey and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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