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So what are you wearing? The online survey results are in!

Posted in Our Community @ Sep 7th 2017 - By Judy Gillespie
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What do you think of your veterinary uniform? We asked our Community...

After a post on the Vetanswers Facebook Page about the importance of uniforms to team morale sparked quite a few comments, I thought it would be interesting to see what our Community thought about their uniforms.

So I put together a quick online survey and although we only had a small sample size (17 respondents) there were still some interesting trends and comments. Here are the results…

NOTE: all questions that involved selecting a response allowed repondents to choose more than one answer to allow for maximum flexibility & which is the reason why percentages add up to over 100%.

Question 1: What do you do?

Question 2: Describe your current uniform

  • Scrub top & pants x 4 respondents
  • Scrub top (logo), black pants x 6 respondents
  • Navy scrub top (tailored fit), black pants
  • Old, ripped & worn, outdated
  • Multi coloured polo shirt, black cargo pants
  • Green or black tee with black or grey pants
  • No uniform – everyone wears scrubs bought themselves
  • Button shirt, pants, vest, name badge
  • Business casual x 2 respondents

Question 3: Option to upload images

No one took up this option

Question 4: Do you feel good wearing it?

76% Yes


  • It’s cool & smart looking
  • Comfortable and looks consistent but our tops could look more professional (veterinary nurse/tech)
  • It’s comfortable in an outdoor workplace
  • When I wear my newer scrubs I feel good but since out clinic does not require specific uniforms, everyone wears different scrubs and the doctors wear business attire, I feel we are not as polished and professional as we could look
  • When I put on the clothes I put on the role (Practice Manager)
  • It's very comfortable and practical but it's not particularly flattering and not sure that it looks totally professional for consultations (veterinarian)

29% No


  • No one matches, faded & old & doesn’t look professional
  • No distinction between vet and vet nurse and so clients often mistake me as a vet nurse. The owner of the practice doesn’t wear a uniform so clients think there’s only one vet in the practice and so I don’t get much respect and get the usual "I don’t want to see the inexperienced vet"
  • It looks like a Christmas elf
  • It's all navy blue and scrub tops are very unflattering

Question 5: What do you like about your uniform?



  • Everyone comments how good it looks
  • It should be modernised and updated

Question 6: What don’t you like about your uniform?

  • Last uniform was scrubs & a vest bought 4 years ago
  • I don’t think everyone should wear the same uniform (veterinarian)
  • I don’t like that we don’t have a specific uniform (veterinary nurse/tech)
  • It could be improved (veterinary practice owner)
  • I don’t think it looks professional for consultations (veterinarian)

Question 7: Do you think that a uniform is an important part of your veterinary practice brand?

100% Yes – what we wear reflects our professionalism

0 % No – I don’t think our clients notice


Our team wear scrubs when working in the hospital and business shirts when working with our clients in the consulting rooms. We trialled white coats but the vets hated the formality of them. Now the vets wear different coloured shirts to the nurses however we need a better way of differentiating the vets from the nursing team because name badges just don't cut it as they’re too difficult for clients to read. We’re still looking for answers to that one but it does matter when clients assume that our male nurse is a vet and our female new graduate is a nurse. It's disheartening for them and bad for the client, since mostly they get embarrassed and then can't focus on what we're saying.

Question 8: If you had a choice what would you like to wear as a uniform?

  • What we currently wear but perhaps a different brand
  • I would love it if all the veterinary nurses wore the same uniform
  • I am constantly asking to order a fresh new look but our Practice Manager doesn’t think uniforms are important
  • I’m happy with what I currently wear
  • Collared shirt with a professional name tag & scrub tops only to be worn for surgical procedures
  • I wouldn't change much....but think vets should be differentiated from nurses other staff perhaps different colour
  • I think vets look professional in business tops, and matching professional scrubs for the nurses
  • Plain scrub Top with small breast logo and plain comfy pants
  • Scrub top with logo and long pants. Covered shoes/boots.
  • Honestly, I have no specific answer for this as I just would like to see us wear a uniform and I would like to see the doctors wear something that was even just similar so that when they walk in a room there isn't a question as to whether they are the doctor or tech/assistant.
  • Neat casual business attire - for our team I think we've got the balance pretty right. I don't LOVE scrubs but the team seem to think they are comfortable, flexible and practical. I suppose if you have to get industrial levels of gunk on you every day then you should be allowed to wear something that doesn't matter!
  • Full scrub top and pants with scrub shoes
  • A fitted scrub top (ones that almost look like a blouse) or a blouse made of stretchy material for consulting. Scrubs are fine for surgery/procedures (but I work at a practice where we have to do both in the one day)
  • I would like some colour in our uniform

What's the wrap-up?

Although it was obviously a small sample size there were still some interesting trends.

1. EVERYONE believed that a uniform was important and reflected their professionalism

2. There should BE a uniform so that everyone looks to be a part of a professional team

3. Tailored scrubs tops with logos and trousers seemed to be popular amongst veterinary nurses/techs – as long as they are tailored and preferably with some colour

4. Veterinarian and nurse uniforms should be easily differentiated so as to not cause confusion for clients

5. Veterinarians should dress professionally during consultations and scrubs kept for surgery

Overall the best way to summarise the importance of uniforms was beautifully put by a Practice Manager:

"When I put on the clothes I put on the role"

Feel free to add any comments you may have in the Comments section below.



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