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So What's Bugging You?

Posted in Operations @ Nov 13th 2012 6:41pm - By Judy Gillespie
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I just read an interesting blog post on the three most annoying workplace behaviours (“Your behaviour really annoys me”: The three biggest workplace gripes). 

According to the recent SmartCompany survey, the three top gripes are:

  1. Unproductive meetings
  2. Personal time at work time
  3. Constant complaining

Personal time at work & constant complaining are tricky....

They both really can’t be solved without good communication all around.  Employees need to know that Managers are aware if the work load has become unbalanced and as for those constant complainers, well I do like the suggestion in the article.  Explain to all staff that every complaint made must be accompanied by a suggested solution – brilliant!   Put a stop to unnecessary whinging whilst also solving real issues.

Now let’s look at meetings......

It’s interesting that over the years as leadership theory has emphasised the importance of communication within the workplace, meetings seem to have become more and more out of control.  And whilst I firmly believe every staff member should be kept in ‘the loop’ and regular staff meetings are absolutely essential, they should only occur after setting a clear agenda and allocating a suitable time frame. Every meeting should also be minuted and an action plan generated.

To not have an agenda or minute the proceedings is to waste everyone’s time!

To help out I’ve added two templates to the Vetanswers HR Resources Section:

Let’s Share!

I would love to build up a library of Agenda and Minute templates.  If you have one that works well for you let me know and I’ll add it to our library (with full credit to you of course!)

So tell me in the comments section below....what’s bugging you?  Apart from these three issues, what behaviours do you find the most annoying in your workplace?


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