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So Who's Blogging out there in the Australian Veterinary Industry?

Posted in Client Service @ Jun 27th 2013 - By Judy Gillespie
Calling All Bloggers In The Australian Veterinary Industry

(Amended 4.07.2013)

I follow lots of different bloggers, not only in the veterinary world!

And you’ve probably seen a number of them that I’ve shared over time.  I recently came across this list of ‘Top 50 Veterinary Bloggers of 2013’ (although it was published on a website called ‘Flea Cures’!) and of course they were mostly from the US.

So I thought it would be useful to put together a list of Australian Bloggers in the veterinary industry that regularly post and share information.  By regular I mean more than once in the last three months and by share I mean their blog has to have some way of following them, usually by subscribing via their blog, or sharing via social media, newsletter, etc.

 ..... ummm I could only come up with 3!  Surely I’m missing some?? (4.07.2013 - I've added in 4 more!)

 Here are the seven Australian Veterinary Bloggers that I follow:

Dr Rayya’s Online Veterinary  Journal

With over 1400 subscribers to her blog, over 150,000 ‘Likers’ on Facebook, over 1,00 followers on Twitter, 415 Subscribers & over 1,000,000 views on YouTube, over 700 followers on Instagram, Dr Rayya is a powerhouse online.  She blogs about her passion for animals and her job as a veterinarian and posts lots of great pictures.

Dave Nicol Veterinary Services: The Hamster Wheel Veterinary Business Blog -

Dave’s focus is on the business side of running a veterinary practice and you can also connect with him on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn

He hasn’t been blogging as prolifically recently but I guess becoming a new Dad can upset your writing schedule somewhat!

Crampton Consulting Group

The team as CCG post articles on their website monthly and focus on veterinary business management.

Rebekah Brown

Rebekah is a Vetanswers member a qualified veterinarian and tertiary teacher with a special interest in eLearning development and instructional design.  She writes about a range of veterinary topics including education.

Dr Liz...The vet from Russell  Vale Animal Clinic

Dr Liz Chmurycz is also a Vetanswers member and she writes a regular blog about people, animals and veterinary life, day to day.  

Stallwood Consulting Services

SCS was created to meet the needs of practices in the veterinary, medical and dental fields.  They blog about business and personal development topics.

The Fish Vet Blog

Dr Richmond Loh, aka The Fish Vet, is a fish enthusiast, a veterinarian and a prolific blogger.  He often posts daily on a range of topics that all involve fish!

Then there is of course....


Vetanswers has been publishing and sharing an average of two blog posts per week with over 120 blog posts published!  Are we the most prolific bloggers out there in the Australian Veterinary industry? 

So, it’s your turn now.  

I KNOW I must be missing some great bloggers in the Australian veterinary industry – help me put my list to rights by sharing who else I should be following in the comments section below.  

Now don't be shy - if you're the one blogging then I want to hear about it as well!


Liz Chmurycz @ Jun 28th 2013 8:10am
Hi, I started my blog mid last year, and I post about 5 times a month on average. For good or bad, it is what it is. My problem is getting the confidence to promote it more widely on the net. Yours Liz
Judy @ Jun 28th 2013 12:53pm
Hi Liz. Congratulations on your blog - it's great! Now you've been added to my list & I've got another blog to follow!
Judy @ Jul 2nd 2013 3:58pm
Oh no! Just realised I forgot to add Rebekah Brown to my bloggers list so have amended the blog post on 2/7/2013
Rhys Hayward @ Jul 5th 2013 8:22am
Here's my website and blog I don't blog anywhere near as often as I should/could and it's really aimed at our clients. Would love you to have a read, Rhys
Judy @ Jul 5th 2013 11:41am
Thanks Rhys - you've been added to the list! With the retirement of Google Reader I've recently set up Feedly and added in a category for Veterinary Practices so I can follow everyone's blogs! Click here to go to a resource you may find helpful ( ) - it's a 'Blogging Calendar' to help improve your frequency of posts! :) BTW I loved the blog post on acupuncture as I've been thinking of seeing if it would help 17yr old Isabel with her arthritis. Just need to track someone down a bit closer to me! Judy
Judy @ Jul 5th 2013 12:14pm
PS. Rhys - also just read your blog post on arthritis - it's great - you should definitely write more! Judy
Ish @ Oct 25th 2018 11:36pm
I am from Sydney. I am new and just started my vet blog . If you have anytime please leave me some comment about it :)
Judy @ Feb 20th 2019 3:32pm
Hey Ish, thanks for stopping by & I'll definitely be checking out your blog :) Judy

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