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Success In Veterinary Business: Are You Inviting The Magic?

Posted in Management @ Jun 25th 2020 - By Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice
Success In Veterinary Business Are You Inviting The Magic

When you allow 'magic' to happen in your veterinary practice, it can become a regular occurrence!

Isn’t the universe awesome?! I love it when you come up against a challenge or problem in your business and then bam! All of a sudden, as if from nowhere, the universe appears with the solution.

When you allow this to happen, this ‘magic’ will become a regular occurrence!

Are you feeling in flow with the universe right now too?

You know, when your business is connected to your heart and soul (which for most Veterinarians, it IS), when what you do is an extension of your personality and beliefs that’s when the magic starts to happen. If what you do in your Veterinary business feels like an extension of you, then you’re in your flow, your journey through life feels smoother and magic happens!

Unfortunately, for many of us veterinary business owners, we may have lost this feeling and this magic – often many years ago. It may be time NOW to reconnect.

Reconnecting with the magic

I heard a great example of this recently. I was chatting to a friend who told me a story about someone she knows. Her friend had a Veterinary practice for which she was well qualified and had learned all the relevant skills needed to serve her clients and her patients well. In fact she was an EXCELLENT Vet – but she didn’t enjoy her business. Her focus was on making money but she never felt that she was aligned totally with what she did. She was well-off financially but in her heart the practice felt like work and each day was a struggle.

After a few years she lost interest in the practice completely and consequently the income dried up because her heart wasn’t in it anymore. She took some time out (sold her practice) and so at this point she was poor financially but emotionally rich. She had time to spend on reconnecting with herself and focusing on what she really wanted to do with her life.

After a year she bought another practice, but this time her practice leveraged her passion – something she did every day anyway, because she loved it so now she gets paid to work with clients sharing her passion about pets.

But here is the best part – since her Veterinary practice had become an extension of her soul, lots of ‘magic’ started to happen – dreams began to come true and opportunities presented themselves. She loves her business, her clients love what she does and everything just flows smoothly.

Does that sound like you? Are you in your flow? Do you look forward to coming to work every day?

How to find your flow

How can you get into your flow if it isn’t happening for you right now?

Tune into your soul and ask yourself this question: is my Veterinary practice connected to my life goals? Am I doing what I truly love or what I think I should be doing?

If you’re not totally in tune with your veterinary business, everything you try to achieve will be a struggle.

Here are 3 of my top tips to help you get back into flow:

1. Get focused:

First thing in the morning when you wake up, take a pen and paper and write down what is in your mind at that time – don’t think about it or write what you believe you should be writing but just get your thoughts out of your mind and onto the pages. I wake up and straight away, I write three pages every day which means by the time I begin my day, all the clutter in my mind is gone and I have the mental freedom to focus.

Set your alarm if you have to because it is important that you make time to do this even if it does mean you have to wake up half an hour earlier than usual.

If you are a skeptic - then just do an internet search on the power of journaling!!!

2. Make Time For Yourself:

Every week I recommend you make one hour for a ‘lifestyle date’ with yourself – do something you really love and that makes you happy. 

Reconnect with the child inside yourself: go to the movies and eat popcorn, take a walk and splash in puddles. It doesn’t matter what you do but it mustn’t feel like effort  rather like playtime for your inner self. I love to go off for a horse ride and just think. It’s the time when I reconnect with myself and what is important to me.

3. Reach Out To Your Support Network:

If you’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed, remember to reach out to the people around you. Make time to spend with your kids, go for dinner with your partner, drinks with your friends or lunch with your mum but don’t sit indoors feeling a failure. When you reconnect with your support network, you are reminded of what is so great about you – and when you can love yourself you can think more clearly.

Are you in your flow towards business success right now? What do you do to stay in or recover your flow? Are you having lifestyle dates with yourself? 

If you have a question for Diederik about finding the magic, ask them in the comments section below.

About Diederik

On graduation I purchased a Veterinary clinic in Maitland, NSW and sold it in July 2009. At the time of purchase, it was a run down one person clinic with about a 90% mixed and 10% small animal component. The business grew well, so that at one stage there were 4 branches and 8 Veterinarians.  At the time of sale there were 5 Veterinarians, 16 support staff functioning out of a purpose built ‘A’ class Hospital with one branch.  In 2004 the practice won the Pfizer/AVA Practice of Excellence Award as well as coming 3rd in the Fujitsu Customer Service Awards. 

At this stage (and even slightly before), I started co-presenting at trainings and workshops and in 2007 I started developing and hosting my own workshops. In July 2009 I sold my practice so as to be able to concentrate fully on my coaching, training, speaking and workshop business – and to be able to move to Exeter (NSW) to be with my partner. I missed clinical practice, so in May 2018 I purchased a veterinary practice with the aim of building it up by providing a highly customer service friendly veterinary practice alternative to the local community. In 12m we have grown the practice gross fee turnover by 53.1% and trebled it's net take home profit. 


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