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Successful results 7 weeks after introducing laser therapy to our veterinary practice

Posted in Operations @ Aug 27th 2019 - By Dr Mark Weingarth, Veterinarian & Director Vetsone
Successfully Introducing Laser Therapy Treatment To Our Veterinary Practice 4

A progress report on the successful introduction of laser therapy to our veterinary patients after 7 weeks.

Vetsone is an integrated veterinary business solutions company that is entirely Australian owned by practitioners actively working in the profession. This means that at Vetsone we're in the same business as all other practising Veterinarians and so we focus on providing a range of products that we believe are useful for clients, pets and importantly, business profitability. 

One of these products is the Berylas Laser Therapy machine which we began using in our veterinary practice on the 12 July 2019. Here is a progress report on the results after 7 weeks.

Clinical Uses and Results of Laser Treatments

1. 4 Dogs with back problems:

We have treated four dogs suffering from back problems. Predominantly dorsolumbar and Iliopsoas however some very chronic and struggling with NSAID treatment. After laser treatment, they all showed rapid improvement and have since maintained the improvement, despite becoming way too active after the treatments!

Buster the very elderly terrier was one of these dogs. Buster suffers from arthritis of everything but especially his stifles. This has then caused him to develop severe back pain and so we have been treating both his stifles and his back.


Senior dog Buster receiving Laser Therapy Treatment for severe pain in his stifles and back 

2. Digger with an acute ACL rupture

Digger the terrier suffered from an acute ACL rupure and we have seen rapid progress without surgery after 3 weeks of Laser Therapy Treatment. His owner has been amazed at his improvement. Unfortunately however, he was doing so well, he then ruptured the other ACL. Both legs are now doing well and Digger's owner is glad he didn't spend thousands on surgery for the first leg.

Digger receiving Laser Therapy Treatment for an ACL rupture

3. GSD with a partial ACL injury.

Bella has a partial ACL injury (her other leg was also done years ago) and after only one Laser treatment her walking has noticeably impoved.

Bella receiving Laser Therapy Treatment for a partial ACL injury

4. Mastiff with severe OA in stifles.

Another of our patients was a 50kg mastiff suffering from severe OA in his stifles and struggling with NSAIDS. After Laser treatment his owner was shocked to see him running around their yard the next day.  He can now walk the 500m to our clinic without limping. 

5. A retreiver with neck problems

We have treated a retreiver with a neck problem related to cervical cancer some years ago. She is now pain free and able to hold her head straight.

6. Dog with bladder Transitional Cell Carcinoma

We have recently started Laser Treatment on a dog with bladder Transitional Cell Carcinoma. We have not received any feedback as yet but expect significant remediation of clinical signs.

7.  Dogs with anal sac problems

We have succesfully treated several dogs with Anal Sac problems

8. Perineal Hernia surgery wound

We have applied Laser Treatment to a perineal hernia surgery wound. In the USA there are many clinics applying Laser Treatment after ALL routine surgeries.

Financial Impact of Laser Treatments?

We have so far charged $2,400.00 in fees for treatments, with absolutely NO objections from the owners. On the contrary they are mildly surprised it is only $50/session.

At this rate we will easily recoup the capital cost of the device in 12 months. In fact as we have barely begun to promote the benefits of Laser treatment to our clients, we anticipate the recoup period to be substantially less than 12 months.

There is no magic involved with this treatment modality, it really does work. I admit to being a little dubious a few months ago but not now after seeing the results we have so far acheived. And we have not even scratched the surface with the other conditions that can benefit.

It is clear that the 5000 or so Vet Clinics in the USA that already have some form of Laser Therapy machine are leading the way and not all of them have a late model machine like the Berylas with adequate power output to get the job done quickly.

The treatments listed above only required 3-5 mins with the patient and often the owner was there as well to see how well the dogs handled the procedure.

A few weeks ago I was also discussing the use of Laser Therapy machines with a Rehab Vet who believed that "one day every clinic will have one of these" and I'm they were correct. The multitude of opportunities for using Laser Therapy can only result in it becoming standard protocol in the long-term.

Overall the Clients think it is terrific, the dogs are happier and so are the owners.

Like to know more information?

If you would like more information about the Berylas Laser System you can click HERE to visit our website.

You're also welcome to email queries you may have to or call for a chat on 02 8213 2581 (leave a message if I don't answer).

Or you can contact us and order a Berylas Laser System for your practice. Your Clients and Patients will be more than happy. 

One more thing to consider - if you don't introduce Laser Therapy into your veterinary practice soon, it's quite likely that someone will set up a 'Rehab Clinic' nearby and help themselves to some of your clients!

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