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Supporting independent veterinary practices in Australia - do we need a Group?

Posted in Management @ Feb 15th 2018 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
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Veterinarians form group dedicated to independent practice (VIN News)

- New association aims to help small businesses thrive (click here to read)

After sharing this post from VIN News Service on social media during the week it got me thinking. Do we need a group dedicated to the advancement of independent veterinary practices for practitioners who value their autonomy, in Australia? It's not about bagging the corporate practices, but about supporting those who want to stay independent. 

Too much fragmentation already?

After sharing the post on the Vetanswers Facebook Page it was suggested in the comments that as we already had groups such as Independent Vets of Australia, Veterinary Buyers Group, Veterinary Growth Partners, APIAM,  Vetcentric and United Veterinary Group, etc. we didn't need another group as too much fragmentation was not a good thing. And although it's true that further fragmentation isn't great for the veterinary industry, it could also be said that as the groups listed above are buying groups (or associated with a buying group) they generally have a different focus or goal than a group that is specifically focused on supporting independent practitioners. 

So what do you think?

Is the advancement and support of independent veterinary practices for practitioners who value their autonomy already being ably provided by the AVA and other groups within the Australian veterinary industry or is there a need for something more specific? And if there is a need - what would the group look like? Is it something you would be prepared to pay for?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below ....and fyi when adding a comment, you only need to use your first name and no one else is able to see your email address. 


Jane Bindloss @ Feb 17th 2018 11:36am
Hi Judy, Thanks for bringing this idea to the forefront. I guess the real question here is what would be the purpose of this group? Supporting independent vet practices - but how? And in what way would that support be different from what's currently available? I love the idea of forming a group, but need to be convinced that there would be benefits for the members.
Judy @ Feb 18th 2018 11:47am
Hi Jane, excellent questions! I guess the first question to independent veterinary practice owners probably should be - are you happy with the support and resources that are currently available to enable you to successfully grow your independent veterinary practice? And then go from there... But as I haven't had a great number of responses so far - perhaps the question has already been answered! Judy

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