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Tasty Tips for Newbie Bloggers in the Veterinary Industry

Posted in Web Sites @ Feb 1st 2019 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
Tasty Tips For Newbie Veterinary Bloggers 1

You're the expert - it's time for your veterinary clients to read YOUR words of wisdom

Updated Feb 2019

I'm constantly on the lookout for interesting content to share with our veterinary community - especially content that has been written for the Australian market.  It’s not that content written elsewhere isn’t useful, but it’s nice to hear our own voice. 

Writing a blog offers  many benefits to you personally as well as to the marketing & promotional plan for your veterinary business:

  • They are a great way to add new, fresh content to your website and this helps with your Google search ranking;
  • They offer a great opportunity to remind clients of seasonal issues for their pets e.g. ticks, as well as answering frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) from clients;
  • They are a great way to ‘sell’ your services without coming across as a hard sell e.g. a blog on dental health could list all the possible health issues associated with dental disease and then end with a special  offer;
  • Writing blogs helps you show your knowledge and expertise to your clients and potential clients.

You know your clients are already looking for answers on ‘Dr Google’ anyway, so wouldn’t you rather they found your information to their question?  Or even better – went straight to your website for some answers?

So if you’re thinking of writing a blog for your veterinary business or maybe you would just like to have a voice in our veterinary community then we would love to talk to you. Everyone has something to say, whether you:

  • Are a Business owner,
  • Are a Veterinary nurse,
  • Are a Veterinarian,
  • Work in the pet industry
  • Work in the veterinary industry.

Whether you're experienced or a newbie - everyone has something interesting to say.

And if you’ve never written a blog before – that’s no problem as we’ve put together some tips to help out......

Tips on Topics

If you work in a veterinary practice or a pet business, no matter what your role is, you could write a blog on:

  • Challenges in your job;
  • What you’ve learnt in your job;
  • What you love about your job;

If you work for a business that provides goods or services to the veterinary industry you could write a blog on:

  • FAQ’s;
  • How your new product/service will meet the needs or solve a problem faced by those that work in the veterinary and animal industries (as long as it’s not a straight sales pitch!);
  • What you’ve learned from working with the industry;
  • How things could be done better.

When deciding on your topic, try to come up with something that is a bit different and has a focus – what is it that you would like to say?

Tips on Writing

Once you have decided on a topic, jot down a few pointers as to where you want your blog to go and think about the point/s you want to make as this will give your blog a good structure and ensure you stick to your point.

Now - just start writing.

Start with a good strong introduction – make a bold statement or something that will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read more.  Don’t aim to create a masterpiece in one sitting – just start writing.

Don’t even think about the word count – just start writing.

Expect to re-write and polish your post a few times before you’re happy with it, the important part is to....just start writing (getting the idea yet?)

Just start writing!

As you’re writing think about the structure and formatting of your blog as there are a few things that make online blogs much easier to read:

  • Shorter paragraphs;
  • Sub headings;
  • Bullet points;
  • Lots of white space.

Adding in some strong impact statements (but don’t go overboard!) will focus your message.

Finish with a Bang!

Your blog should have an obvious ‘ending’ so add a summary with a good strong finish.

It’s also a good idea to add a question at the end of your blog to encourage readers to respond.  The more comments you get the more you have engaged with your community.  However, don’t get too disheartened if you don’t receive any comments – often readers are just as scared to make a comment as you may have been writing your first blog!  Once you’ve built up a ‘following’ then your community may feel more comfortable engaging with you.

If you have asked a question at the end of your blog to encourage engagement then it’s essential to keep an eye on your post so you can respond to any comments from readers.   It surprises me the number of times I’ve commented on a blog and never had a response – not even a thank you – so guess what?  I usually don’t bother responding again.

Now leave your post for a day or two, it’s amazing what you’ll notice when you look at it with fresh eyes.

Tips on Headings

A killer headline can make all the difference to your post being read or ignored – no matter how awesome your content is.    You don’t need to have a fantastic heading before writing your content as it’s something that can be added right at the very end (and changed up until the moment of clicking ‘Publish!’)

It’s not hard to find a range of blogs online that discuss the best type of blog headings to encourage the most number of ‘clicks’ and often the following types of headings are suggested:

  • 10 top tips to...
  • The secret of....

For a nice easy blog on the art of writing a good title check out: ‘Are You Writing Rockin’ Blog Post Titles?’

Just don’t promise what you can’t deliver!  A great blog heading will entice readers but may also irritate them if your content doesn’t match the promise of your heading.

So what’s stopping you?  If you’ve got something you would like to share – start writing.  Whether you write a blog for your own veterinary business website, or a blog to be published with Vetanswers (Yes, please!), blogging is a great way to get your opinion, ideas and knowledge out there.

So.... just start writing!

Or tell us in the comments section, what’s stopping you from blogging?


Hugo Matos Pereira @ Jul 17th 2013 10:05pm
This is a really interesting and motivating post. Great for vets just starting out in the digital world. Thank you Judy!
Judy @ Jul 18th 2013 11:42am
Thanks Hugo - I'm glad you enjoyed the Post. I hope it does inspire more veterinary blog posts to be written!
lisa @ Aug 6th 2013 10:13am
Thanks Judy, very timely - we've just started a "ghost" blog which we've done for a couple of weeks - just to make sure there are plenty of topics and we won't start posting and then have nothing to say! And it is giving us a chance to find a "voice" that reflects our clinic culture and attitude. (and it will give us some spares for when we DO commit to delivering content) Do you have any suggestions for length (I've done some that are only 2 paragraphs, but my dental one was a page and a bit and I'm worried about being boring...) or regularity? We thought once a week with a calendar - one funny, one newsy, one guest blogger & one about a theme of the month....does that sound right? Appreciate the help - as an introvert I am struggling to believe people want to hear what I spew out once a week, but I'm doing it anyway. Sigh. Now, what I will I write about this week.....

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