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The A to Z of Veterinary Nursing

Posted in Our Community @ Jul 22nd 2021 - By Courtney Deamer, Veterinary Nurse & Blogger
A To Z Of Vet Nursing

The life of vet nurse is wide and varied!

A is for adrenalin, it pumps through our veins in moments of urgency. We also reach for it with urgency in moments of emergency.

B is for blood, which is often imbedded around and under our fingernails.

C is for coprophagia, we all know one!

D is for dachshund. What did he eat? Or, what didn't he eat more like..

E is for ECG, don't get your wires crossed.

F is for fat Friday's. Easily the best lunch of the whole week.

G is for gastro. No need to elaborate.

H is for histopathology and that huge stash of samples that we keep just in case, forever and ever.

I is for instruments. Scrub, pack, sterilise and repeat for the rest of your life.

J is for jug-sticks. The other side is always better.

K is for kittens, we'll all end up raising a litter at some point or another.

L is for lunch on the go.

M is for the mess that the Vets make. They're lucky we love them.

N is for Nurses, the place just wouldn't run without us. 

O is for ondansetron, highly underrated. It's really good stuff.

P is for pyometra. Which is more gross, closed or open?

Q is for that one word that we must never ever speak.

R is for reception and how Nurses will avoid it like the plague.

S is for stifle rads and the art of having them perfectly square.

T is for tablet and all the tricks you have come up with to get those suckers in.

U is for understaffed, we've all done these shifts  from time to time.

V is for veins and how satisfying a big, juicy one is. We will admire them even in social settings.

W is for washing. A whole mountain of it.

X is for X-ray and a big thank you science, for gifting us with digital technology!

Y is for the yellow triage that comes in attached to a red client. 

Z is for zoonotics and the symptoms you will instantly start to imagine that you're experiencing.

This post first appeared on Courtney's blog: From The Ground Up, and has been republished with full permission

About Courtney

I'm Courtney, a Veterinary Nurse and as far as jobs go, it's basically all I know. I've been Nursing since I left school and I've now been working in emergency for two years.

I'm a single Mum and to be completely honest, that's actually my favourite job (don't tell nursing). I never thought I could be as passionate about something other than animals, before I was blessed with the best kid in the whole world (not even kidding, he's the best one).

Writing is a creative outlet for me, something I've always enjoyed doing but never really thought to pursue. I absolutely love anything Australian and I like to spend my free time trekking our natural wonders or kayaking our beautiful river systems.

Visit Courtney's Blog HERE: From The Ground Up


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