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Posted in Inside veterinary Blogs @ Jun 30th 2016 - By Dr Richmond Loh, Veterinarian and The Fish Vet Blogger
Dr Richmond Loh The Fish Vet

Another of our favourite veterinary bloggers Dr Richmond Loh - The Fish Vet - publishes regular, often short, sharp & to the point posts about everything to do with fish.

What is your blog all about?

Anything and everything to do with fish. Pet fish, sharks, aquaculture, aquatic veterinary medicine, aquatic conferences and workshop....

Why did you decide to start writing it?

As a way for storing all useful and interesting pieces of information on fish health in one place so I could find them again. Also, I point my clients to some FAQs through my searchable blog.

How frequently do you blog?

Almost daily.

How much time do you think it takes up?  How do you find the time?

About ten minutes a day. I’m always updating my knowledge and am reading the stuff anyway, so I just need to write a little something about that topic.

How do you come up with topics?

Something that catches my attention, or reflection on cases and events that had occurred during that week.

How did you set up your blog?

On Wordpress.

What goals do you have for your blog? What are your aim/s?

To filter out misinformation that’s rife on the internet.

How has your blog supported or complemented your practice/business?

Show clients that you’re legit.

What has been your most rewarding blogging moment?

Getting useful feedback that increases my knowledge on the subject.

Has your blog helped you to build connections in the pet/vet community or meet people you may not have otherwise met?

I guess it’s quite nice when people say, “I know you. I read your Fish Jokes for Monday-itis!”.

What is your favourite thing about having a blog? 

Coming up with all the bad “dad-jokes”.

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About Richmond

As “The Fish Vet”, Dr Richmond Loh and his team across Australia (currently Perth, Melbourne & Townsville) provide veterinary, and pathology services for a range of clients including the likes of pet fish, display aquaria, retailers and fish farmers (ornamental and food fish). He has been admitted to the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists by examinations in the subjects of Pathobiology, and Aquatic Animal Health. He is a Certified Aquatic Veterinarian and has been awarded the George Alexander International Fellowship by the International Specialised Skills Institute. He is a Past-President of the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association, and continues to help the veterinary and para-professional communities by serving as WAVMA Webinar co-ordinator/moderator and WAVMA Executive Board Member. He is also an Adjunct Lecturer at Murdoch University and provides advice on fish health and welfare to several universities and the RSPCA.


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