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The Food Solution - An interview with author & veterinarian Dr Gundala Rhoades

Posted in Our Community @ Mar 31st 2022 - By Judy Gillespie & Dr Gundi Rhoades
The Food Solution An Interview With Author Veterinarian Dr Gundala Rhoades

Vetanswers member and author, Dr Gundi Rhoades answers some questions about her new book The Food Solution. Gundi is passionate about convincing all of us to save our own health as well as that of the planet by making a relatively easy and small change in the food we eat as well as that which we feed our animals.

Q: Tell us about your new book

My book is called 'The Food Solution‘ by Dr Gundula Rhoades (available on Amazon)  - "Get truly healthy and save the planet one bite at a time".

It explores the connection of soil, health, diseases and what happened to our food in the last 50 years or so. I inform about gut and soil microbiomes, nutrient deficiencies, what they do and why it matters (for people and dogs or cats), why our food is nearly void of nutrients nowadays and what the chemicals used on the farm do to ecosystems and our bodies.

Q: You’re a veterinarian, so why did you write a book about food and gut health?

I am a veterinarian, but the principles of the destruction of the soil that, ultimately, synthesizes our building blocks for life, is the same for dogs, cats or humans. The book explains how the modern diseases of cancer, autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, arthritis, leaky gut, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies, diabetes and so forth can be explained – and solved.

You are what you eat - and what you eat can have been produced on healthy soils and nourish you, or on dead soils (or without soils in hydroponic ‘food’ production) and make you or your pet sick.

Q: What are you hoping to achieve with your book?

I wanted to give information so that people are more knowledgeable about cattle, methane emissions, their negative or positive (!) role in ecosystems and planet health, about soil, water cycles and carbon cycles and how it is all connected to how we produce food for us or our pets.

In essence, I want to help ’save the planet  and us’ - which is only achievable through changing the way we farm. And as farming produces the food for us and ultimately what we as consumers demand, I want to show how much power we as consumers have to change the trajectory of history. Every person buying organic food or growing their own is starting an avalanche of positive change for the planet and themselves.

This is immensely empowering, as this information gives us the tools of how to be part of the climate solution rather than the climate problem - just by how we feed us or our pets.

Q: How do you believe your book can help those working in the veterinary industry & why is it important that they read it?

In my opinion, modern medicine in veterinary medicine and human medicine has been treating symptoms of chronic disease for too long, without looking at the aetiology of these diseases.

I am not talking about acute injuries, like stitch-ups, broken legs, snake bite or tick paralysis. We are great at that as vets. I am talking about the wave of allergies and cancers in pets and the wave of a myriad diseases of chronic illness in people. My book is a start to connect health to food again, and to explain why modern agriculture doesn’t produce health sustaining food but disease evoking substances.

The veterinary industry has been following the dog and cat food industry’s advice for too long. WE are feeding cats for example, that are hyper-meat eaters, a commercial kibble containing 60% or more carbohydrate containing food, and then when they deliver an allergy, we give them a different bag with unrecognizable, hydrolysed proteins. When they get kidney disease from the high phosphorus content or the constant hyper-stimulation of insulin, we again prescribe a different bag of food, and when they get blocked urethra’s we again prescribe the next bag.

The elephant in the room about any grain and vegetable that is produced nowadays, is the pesticide use. Glyphosate and other chemical pesticides or fertilizer use are destroying our soils - and the food produced is nutrient poor and laden with chemicals evoking a myriad of diseases - and contributing massively to climate change through carbon emissions form dead soils.

Changing our attitude to food and going ‘back to nature’ can help reduce suffering in our pets and can heal the planet, too.

These are big issues affecting our planet which is in crisis, and I hope my book will give  the reader a good overview as to how changing their buying and eating habits can have deep and profound change to healing the planet. 

We have one copy of The Food Solution to give away!

To go into the draw to win your copy of The Food Solution, leave a comment in the Comments section below.

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About Gundi

Dr Gundi Rhoades was born in Germany and studied veterinary medicine in Hannover. 

After qualifying as a veterinary surgeon, she moved to England where she worked in small animal and mixed practices for 7 years. She moved to Australia in 1998, married a beef cattle farmer, passed her Australian Veterinary Examination and had three children. During the last 20 years in Australia she ran the farm first with and then without her husband breeding Angus bulls, then converting the property to organic. She started her own mixed animal practice in 2002 and has grown this to a 3.5 vet successful clinic in Inverell, NSW. She has always worked full-time as a veterinarian, treating pets as well as horses, cattle, sheep or goats. She is as comfortable in the operating theatre as in the cattle yards pregnancy testing cows all day long. While doing all of what ‘normal vets’ do, her special focus is on nutritional medicine.

During her years as a veterinarian and farmer, she has developed a keen interest in soil, health of animals and people, and has ‘connected the dots’ of disease and chemical farming.

She wrote a book ‘The Food Solution ‘in which she describes concepts of nutritional deficiencies, chemical poisoning, gut health, gluten intolerance, the vegan myth or how cattle can destroy or safe the planet.  This book is accompanied by a Podcast with the same name (by Gundi Rhoades) and a podcast which is called Body and Soil by Gundi Rhoades. 

She is available for entertaining and inspiring public speaking engagements within the East Coast of Australia.

Click HERE to find 'The Food Solution' on Amazon


Jenny wingham @ Apr 8th 2022 8:21am
I’d love a copy of ‘the food solution’!
Marilyn Simon @ Apr 14th 2022 5:18am
Yay for Vets for helping pets, people and the planet as a whole. Her book sounds like a great inspirational read.
Elodie Gouthey @ Apr 14th 2022 10:41pm
I do believe we are what we eat and I want to know how to eat the right stuff!
Kevin Cruickshank @ Apr 27th 2022 8:20am
Whilst I certainly strive to be as healthy as possible & have as minimal impact on our planet as practical, I am often skeptical about excessive, all encompassing claims and marked extrapolation about our impacts so I would be very interested to read this book & become better informed on the topic that I must admit I have a poor understanding of.
Jenny Collins @ Apr 27th 2022 9:26am
"The nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself". Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1882-1945. The 32nd President of the USA realised the value of soil a century ago. Thanks Dr Gundi!
Kat @ Apr 27th 2022 9:46am
Sounds like a very interesting and relevant read! Can't wait to learn more.
Erica Maclean @ Apr 27th 2022 11:13am
This book sounds like a very thought provoking read. Love to be able to think about food wholistically and scientifically , in a different way.
Melina @ Apr 27th 2022 12:57pm
I would love to win a copy of this amazing book, can't wait to read it soon!

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