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The person behind the business - Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice

Posted in The Person Behind the Business.. @ May 22nd 2019 - By Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice
The Person Behind The Business Turbo Charge Your Business

Turbo Charge your Practice can help you to transform your Veterinary Practice from a loss-making business into a powerful, profitable and effective investment

I'm endlessly curious about people and why they do what they do. So when a company joins our Community, I'm always interested to find out about who started the business, what their vision is, and most importantly, how they can help those who work within the veterinary industry.

I asked founder of TCYP Dr Diederik Gelderman a few questions about how and why he started his coaching business...

What’s your background? …What led you to start TCYP?

I had a ‘failing’ non-profitable practice - I was losing money and working my butt off so I drew a line in the sand, giving myself 12 months to fix it or sell. Part of fixing it was getting a business coach and 18 months later we had won the AVA-Pfizer Practice of Excellence (2004).

People started asking me what had I done, how had we achieved this. One thing led to another and within a few years I was a full-time veterinary business coach and mentor – traveling and working all over the World

What’s Turbo Charge Your Practice all about?

I believe you can own a practice that ‘has it all’. You can have a great team which has your back and are motivated and enthusiastic about coming to work, you can have a great lifestyle / work-life balance and you can make an excellent income as well as putting away for your retirement.

You just need to decide to make it happen and be prepared to spend 20 minutes every (week)day working on the business. You need to treat it as a business and not a ‘practice’.

Having a veterinary specific coach will help you make all this happen much faster (typically 18 months), avoid lots of ‘pain’ and setback, help you take the quickest path, avoiding the major obstacles and roadblocks

When did you start TCYP?


Why do you think there’s a need for TCYP?

There's a need because most practices barely eek out a profit, the owner barely earns a ‘base’ wage and they typically work extra-long hours and have no work-life balance. Over 70% of practitioners will retire on less than the median wage.

This is all totally unacceptable.

We’d have been better off being carpenters, brickies or electricians…

My purpose is to change all that and help elevate veterinary practices back to where they belong.

What’s your vision for the business – what do you want to achieve?

I want to help veterinary practices and their owners become financially free.

I want to help them enjoy coming to work again

I want to help them create great teams and work in a caring and supportive environment / workplace.

My passions is for pets and people and making their lives better

What are your views on the current state of the veterinary industry? How/where does TCYP fit into the picture?

The industry has a brilliant future. As society becomes faster, crazier, more ‘electronic’ our human relationships are becoming more disrupted and therefore our relationships with our pets are becoming more important.

Yes there are the 30% of pet owners who want the cheapest and the other 30% who want to do nothing or the minimal amount, however the 40% who are left will do whatever necessary and invest whatever money is need in the welfare of their pets. They are our clients.

When you set your practice up to find, attract and serve them, then the ‘magic’ happens

The industry has an unlimited potential future if we focus on serving our true clients and when we focus on providing our professional services.

What does the future hold for TCYP?

TCYP has a superb future working with clients and practices who want to make a difference in the lives of the patients and clients they serve – all over the world.

Click here to visit the Turbo Charge Your Practice Page in the Vetanswers Business Directory and find out more

About Diederik

On graduation I purchased a Veterinary clinic in Maitland, NSW and sold it in July 2009. At the time of purchase, it was a run down one person clinic with about a 90% mixed and 10% small animal component. The business grew well, so that at one stage there were 4 branches and 8 Veterinarians.  At the time of sale there were 5 Veterinarians, 16 support staff functioning out of a purpose built (1991), ‘A’ class Hospital with one branch (Kurri Kurri Veterinary Clinic).  In 2004 the practice won the Pfizer/AVA Practice of Excellence Award as well as coming 3rd in the Fujitsu Customer Service Awards. At this stage (and even slightly before), I started co-presenting at trainings and workshops. In 2007 I started developing and hosting my own workshops (anywhere from one day to 5 day events). In July 2009 I sold my practice so as to be able to concentrate fully on my coaching, training, speaking and workshop business – and to be able to move to Exeter (NSW) to be with my partner.Because I missed clinical practice, in May 2018 I purchased a veterinary practice with the aim of building it up by providing a highly customer service and friendly veterinary practice alternative to the local community. In 12m we have grown the practice gross fee turnover by 53.1% and trebled it's net take home profit.  


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