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The person behind the business... Liz Walden, Pet Professional

Posted in The Person Behind the Business.. @ Mar 15th 2019 - By Liz Walden, Pet Professional Insurance
The Person Behind The Business Professional Pet Insurance

Pet Professional offers business insurance for all pet professionals with Best Price Promise - easy to get over the phone & online.

I'm endlessly curious about people and why they do what they do. So when a company joins our Community, I'm always interested to find out about who started the business, what their vision is, and most importantly, how they can help those who work within the veterinary industry. 

What led to the start of Pet Professional Insurance?

Liz started with her own marketing consultancy firm, WaldenWood Group in 1998, specialising in all areas of direct response marketing as well as new start-ups and the running of substantial direct insurance businesses over the years.

She has worked with a wide range of financial services clients, and part of the charter was to manage the sales and distribution of Petsecure Pet Insurance. In fact, Liz was one of the first to market with Pet Insurance in Australia! From this grew a passion and involvement in the pet industry which has developed over the past 15 years.

Observing the growth along the way, in particular in services for pets, it became clear that the insurance offerings for pet-related businesses have not really adjusted to our current digital landscape. Hence the desire to develop a brand that can offer online business insurance which is straightforward, competitive and easy to get – with no forms to fill out, and suitable for all modern businesses!

What’s Pet Professional Insurance all about?

Pet Professional set up shop in 2018, appreciating that veterinarians and others in the pet industry are busy professionals, and can’t really afford to spend a lot of time getting multiple quotes to satisfy their insurance needs.

So at Pet Professional, we do that work for our clients, in real time. We offer immediate quotes from a range of underwriters so that our clients can choose the options that best work for them.  We operate on a 'What you see is what you get' model, which means that there are no surprises and the quotes provided are exactly what you pay, with no hidden extras.

We have made sure that getting business insurance is simple, quick and cost-effective, with no surprises. 

Why did you start Pet Professional?

Pet Professional was established to help ensure that pet businesses can easily access affordable financial protection. This is not only for the benefit of the business, but also for the clients, and when it comes to the smaller businesses (like dog walkers, etc) it means their clients have the assurance that they are professionals and take their job seriously.

We also felt that the offerings on the market had not kept up with the pace of change in the pet industry so we have addressed that by simplifying the way clients can access cover, but not reducing the benefits.

Why do you think there’s a need for Pet Professional Insurance?

Many people have the perception that business insurance is complicated and hard to get with lots of forms to fill in. So we have an entire online offering which means everything can be done online in minutes – no forms to fill out -  but with assistance from our Australian based call centre if required. 

Our clients can get cover immediately, and they have the peace of mind knowing that if they can source an alternative product that is comparable, we will either match the price or we will provide a refund. This makes the decision much easier for our clients and gives them time to be reassured that they have made the right decision. 

Pet Professional - No 1 online business insurance                            

What’s your vision for the business – what do you want to achieve?

The vision of Pet Professional is to be the 'go to' insurer for all businesses in the veterinary and pet industry. We want to help ensure that all businesses, no matter how large or small, are protected financially. We achieve this by making our insurance extremely competitive, we’re easy to deal with and you can always reach us on the phone during business hours. 

What are your views on the current state of the veterinary industry? How/where does Pet Professional Insurance fit into the picture?

In Australia, there are two trends that are both inter-linked and impact the veterinary industry.  Firstly the rise of the fur baby (the humanisation of pets), and secondly, the rise of litigation. We all know that pets are more and more being treated as part of the family. This means that people are prepared to spend more on their pets, but it can also mean that they are more demanding and if things don’t go according to plan they can be less understanding - which in turn, can lead to litigation.  

Litigation, unfortunately, can have serious consequences for businesses, not just financially, but also due to the distraction and damage to reputation. That’s why we believe that every business that offers a professional service or advice should ensure they have adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance to protect against court and compensation claims, as well as straightforward Business Insurance to cover all the goods and chattels.  However, every business is different and faces it’s own particular risks and these need to be considered when thinking about what protection is right for your business.

Do you have any questions for Liz? Add them into the Comments section below.

Liz started with her own marketing consultancy firm, WaldenWood Group in 1998, specialising in all areas of direct response marketing as well as new start-ups. She has worked with a wide range of financial services clients.  

It became clear to Liz, that the insurance offerings for pet-related businesses had not really adjusted to the current digital landscape and so she decided to develop Pet Professional to provide online business insurance which is straightforward, competitive and easy to get.

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