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The Person Behind the Business..... Mitch @ Top 10 Pet Insurance

Posted in The Person Behind the Business.. @ May 25th 2017 - By Mitch, Top 10 Pet Insurance
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Top 10 Pet Insurance provides ratings, reviews & price comparisons for every pet insurance plan in Australia.

This week, founder Mitch explains how as a pet owner the challenges he faced when researching pet insurance options led to the development of an entire website.  

In 2015, I became the proud doting owner of a Jack Russell Terrier puppy named Tallulah. 

When she was a few months old, we spent the day running around in the bush.  That night, her face suddenly swelled up to double its size!  We rushed her to the emergency clinic, where she was treated for an allergic reaction to an insect bite.

Her treatment cost $600.  Two other dogs being treated at the clinic at the same time ran up bills of $1,500 and $2,000. 

The receptionist gave us all a mild lecture on the value of pet insurance, and I vowed to get my puppy insured the next day.

I did a quick search for pet insurance on Google, probably thinking I’d be done and dusted in about 15 minutes.  However, I was totally flabbergasted by what I discovered.

I’ve worked in consumer finance for most of my career, so I’m pretty nimble at dissecting products like pet insurance to understand what I’m paying for and what traps I need to avoid. 

As I started looking at different plans, I couldn’t believe what I found:

  • Though there are more than 20 different brands, there are really only two products on the market!  Insurance offered through PetPlan (PetPlan and Guide Dogs) or through Hollard/PetSure (RSPCA, Medibank, Woolworths, and everyone else).
  • While there are some minor differences in coverage among the plans, the differences in price are humongous!  The cheapest policy I found cost about $350 per year while the most expensive was $650 – for pretty much the same coverage by the same company!
  • There are a bunch of products on the market that look like pet insurance and smell like pet insurance and cost about the same as pet insurance, but don’t actually provide any insurance coverage!  (Looking at you NRMA and Greencross!)
  • The few Web sites that claim to compare and review pet insurance plans only provide information on brands that pay them for leads or that they own themselves.  Hardly a complete and objective view!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I found that accident and injury plans (the most common type of pet insurance plan) look like they can provide good value and tremendous peace of mind to many pet owners.  However, like so many consumer finance products, they are designed and marketed to create confusion.

So, following hours and hours of research, I finally picked a pet insurance plan that was the best fit for me. 

I then started writing an article summarising my frustrating adventures in choosing pet insurance, with some advice on how to understand what you’re really buying. 

I kept adding and adding to that article, and before I knew it, I had created a full-on Website, Top 10 Pet Insurance.  Now, nearly 10,000 people visit the site each month to learn more about pet insurance!

My goal for the site is to help pet owners quickly cut through the confusion to find the pet insurance plan that best fits their needs.  With some help, I’ve reviewed every single pet insurance plan in Australia. 

I also regularly update a chart that compares the cost and benefits for every pet insurance plan.  (It’s a great resource to add to your Website!

A few of the plans pay a small referral fee if someone buys a plan via small ads on my Website.  This helps cover the costs of writing and maintaining the site, but unfortunately isn’t even close to enough to let me quit my day job.  This is disclosed on every page of the site, and we include every brand, whether they pay us or not.

I’ve become a strong proponent of pet insurance and am proud to have created the only site that helps pet owners to cut through the confusion with simple and objective information on every pet insurance plan. 

About Mitch

Mitch is a financial services executive in Sydney, who is madly in love with his fur baby Tallulah.


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LISA BLAIR @ Jul 4th 2017 9:34am
Thank you so much for this resource. As a (hopefully) saavy practice manager, I still learnt a lot from this article and will circulate it to my team today. And review the website with a view to adding a link to it on my Centre's page. Thanks again
Judy @ Jul 5th 2017 2:51pm
Hi Lisa, glad you've found it useful :) Always happy to help! - Judy

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