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There is ALWAYS room for the best in the veterinary industry

Posted in Client Service @ Oct 30th 2013 - By Judy Gillespie, Director, Vetanswers
There Is Always Room At The Top 2

Is your veterinary practice on top?

Seth Godin (marketing guru) stated a simple truth in his blog post Room at the top - that even in a crowded market there is always room for the best.

There is much talk within the veterinary industry at the moment about too many - too many veterinarians being trained, too many veterinary practices being opened – and this may be true.  But it is also true that there is always room for the best:

  • The best veterinarians,
  • The best veterinary nurses,
  • The best veterinary practices; and
  • The best veterinary businesses. 

Not necessarily the most expensive or the flashiest... but the best.

However as Seth points out “The hard part is figuring out what the ‘best’ means.”

For Vetanswers I think the best means:

  • Regularly publishing high quality, relevant and interesting blog posts, resources and information;
  • Consistently tracking down the BEST products and services to help you save time and ultimately manage your business more successfully; and,
  • Sharing, sharing, sharing – information, resources, knowledge and support

Being the best to me means being there to help you with ideas, products and services that allow you to do what you do best – help animals.

For a veterinary practice I think the best means

  • Qualified, caring staff;
  • The ability to communicate in a way that helps clients understand often complex information;
  • Having the necessary equipment to provide the best level of care (& the training to be able to make the best use of that equipment);
  • A clean, pleasant environment;
  • Providing clients (and the community!) with an expert source of ongoing, relevant, up to date and useful information on pet care;
  • Accessibility to suit client's needs including opening hours, location and an online presence (how’s that website looking? Your clients are not always looking for pet care information during your opening hours);
  • Taking on the role of advocate for your client’s pet – educating clients on the best care for their pets whilst also acknowledging potential financial restraints; and
  • Operating a professionally managed business – you just can’t offer clients the best pet care if your business is not well managed

But this is just my opinion.

What do you think being the best means for a veterinary practice?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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