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Top 10 Veterinary Blog Posts & Resources for July 2017

Posted in Our Community @ Aug 3rd 2017 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers and a range of veterinary bloggers
July 2017 Top 10 Blog Posts And Resources V2

Which blog posts and resources caught the attention of the Vetanswers Community during July?

In case you missed them the first time around.....

1. Vetanswers Free Resources - Staff Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Author: Judy Gillespie

This resource is regularly in the Top 10 which hopefully means lots of veterinary practices are holding regular team meetings.

Click here and scroll down to 'Team Meeting Agenda & Minutes'

2. Are You Inspiring Your Veterinary Team?

Author: Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers

A few years ago, a report found that 48% of Australian employees rate the ability to motivate and inspire as the single most important attribute of a successful leader. The study also showed that nearly a third of Australian workers were motivated by an organisation's vision and having a strong understanding of how their role contributes to achieving the organisations' goals.

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3. Veterinary Dental Charting for Dummies

Author: Dr Liz Chmurycz, Russell Vale Animal Clinic

Another post that often appears in our 'Top 10..' lists - Are you overlooking one of the most inexpensive yet effective tools  in the dental services you offer? Even better, it's something your veterinary clients really appreciate & value.

Click here to

4. Blog Category: Festival of All Things Dental

For the first time, a whole category of blog posts have made it into our 'Top 10 ' List - not surprisingly for this time of the year, it's the 'Festival of All Things Dental'. Check out 35 blog posts on all topics dental.

Click here to see them all....

5. Turn down the churn - getting your mind off your veterinary work

Author: Dr Cathy Warburton, Make Headway

Mind churn is a common occurrence for many of us in the industry. For some of us it only happens every now and again, when a particular case or situation gets under our skin. But for others, this is a frequent occurrence. And it is exhausting!

Click here to read more....

6. Canine Premedication and Sedation "Cheat Sheet"

By Dr Jen Davis, Vet Anaesthesia Blog

One of the most common requests that Dr Jen hears, as a specialist veterinary anaesthetist, from vets and nurse in general practice is for a premedication / sedation “cheat sheet”.

Click here to read more....

7. The MiniVet Guide To Companion Animal Medicine

By Dr Gerardo Poli, Animal Emergency Services

New vet? Experienced vet? The MiniVet Guide is a pocket-sized quick reference resource aimed at making the lives of veterinarians and veterinary students easier. Australian vet  and author Dr Gerardo Poli explains what his Guide is all about.

Click here to

8. Life of a Vet Student Blog - Veterinary life from the eyes of a student

By Brooke Schampers, Vet Student

Another of our favourite bloggers is veterinary student Brooke who blogs about some of the harsh realities that face students but also the joy she gets from her journey on the path to becoming a veterinarian. 

Click here to read more....

9. How Can Pet Insurance Help Us Grow Our Veterinary Business?

Author: Dr Deborah Shores, Guest Blogger for 'Top 10 Pet Insurance'

Dr Deborah Shores discusses the many advantages to your business of effectively promoting pet insurance to your clients.

Click here to read more....

10. When it comes to veterinary workplace wellbeing.. Oh the times they are a-changing..

Author: Dr Cathy Warburton, Make Headway

It's not only physical safety that's important in the workplace, psychological safety and wellness is just as important. Are you aware that employers are also responsible for ensuring the psychological health and safety of their employees?

Click here to read more....


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