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Top Tips for using the MOST useful tool on social media for your Veterinary Facebook Page

Posted in Social Media @ Nov 7th 2013 - By Judy Gillespie
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Are you making the best use of the scheduling option for Posts on Facebook? 

This feature is AWESOME!! 

Did you know you have the ability to schedule posts on your Facebook Business Page?  This means you can make sure your posts appear at the best time to ensure the highest level of engagement from your Page ‘Likers’. 

But even better than this? 

This fabulous feature allows you to schedule a whole weeks (or more!) worth of Posts in one sitting.  No more horrible realisation at 10pm that you forgot to post the answers to the quiz you posted early in the day. Or you forgot to post the fabulous ‘Happy Birthday’ image you had lovingly prepared for your Head Nurse.

So how do you do it?

Ahh the beauty is in its simplicity!

Start by posting as you normally would but instead of clicking the blue ‘Post’ on the bottom right hand side, click the small grey ‘Clock’ on the left hand side.

Now fill in the relevant year, month, date, hour and minute to suit and when you’re happy click ‘Schedule’.

Now you’ll see this pop up on your Page


Click on ‘View Activity Log’ and you’ll be directed to the Page that lists all the Activity you have scheduled as well as all the other Activity you’ve recently done on Facebook e.g links you’ve shared, posts you’ve commented on, etc.

Once you’ve ‘Scheduled a Post you have limited editing options (hopefully this is something Facebook will work on in the future).  You can’t change any of the content of the Post, you can only change the scheduled time of the Post or delete it.  To make changes hover over the top right hand side of the post and a small grey down arrow will appear. 

Click on this and a drop down box will appear that allows you to:

  • Change the Time of your scheduled post
  • Publish Now
  • Delete Post

Select ‘Change Time’ and another box will pop up that allows you to change: Year, Month, Day, Hour or Minute.  Once you’re happy with your changes, click ‘Reschedule’.

Any time you need to check your scheduled posts, go to the top of your Facebook Page and click on ‘Edit Page’, then ‘Use Activity Log’.

And that’s it!

The ability to Schedule Posts on Facebook is one my favourite tools of all social media.  And although the ability to schedule posts has been available using third party apps such as Buffer, etc. I think the options available on Facebook are easier to use.

If you make use of the Vetanswers Social Media Scheduling Calendar and start to plan and schedule your posts you’ll have complete control of your social media AND save yourself heaps of time.

A note of caution...

Just because you can schedule your post days, weeks or months in advance doesn’t mean you can schedule them and then never open up your Facebook Page for days, weeks or months!

You still need to check your Page regularly (a few times a day) and respond to Posts on your Wall, comments on your Posts, etc.  BUT what you won’t need to do is scrounge around for something to post and then just end up posting another funny cat picture because you don’t have time to find anything else.

Scheduling Posts allows you to control the quality of content and post information that is timely and meets the information needs of your clients and the operational needs of your business.

So tell me in the comments section below, how is scheduling on Facebook working for you?  Do you have any questions?


Vet Changes World @ Nov 14th 2013 12:27am
Fantastic, we had been using HootSuite for this, but it would be easier to do it straight from our facebook page.
Judy @ Nov 14th 2013 11:08am
Thanks VCW - glad you found it useful. I also think FB may not be a fan of 3rd party apps & may penalise your posts scheduled via these apps. I'd be interested to know if you notice an increase in people getting to see your scheduled posts. :)

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