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Veterinary Practice Management Systems... the “Meh” survey?

Posted in Operations @ Nov 13th 2014 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers

VPMS: What works & what doesn’t  - Online Survey Results Overview

Although the survey was open for over two weeks it had a low response rate with only 14 total respondents, only 8 of whom completed the survey.

I’m not sure what this indicates. 

Does it mean the majority of our members are happy with their chosen PMS and didn't see the need to take part in the survey? 

Or does it mean they’re not interested in giving their opinion?

Or does it mean they’re totally “meh” about the whole topic of PMS?

Whatever the reason for the low response rate it is a shame as an effective  PMS system can provide an essential component to the successful running of a veterinary practices and it would have been great to get more feedback to share.

The feedback that was received wasn’t exactly glowing but it wasn’t all bad either!

So a quick summary of the results...

The PMS that were used by the respondents were:

o   Cornerstone

o   Rx Works

o   New Leaf Soft Vet

o   CHS Vet

o   Viva

None of them utilised the cloud format

How happy were the respondents with their current PMS?

o   25% were extremely or quite happy

o   62.5% thought their PMS was ok – although could be better

o   12.5% felt it didn’t meet their needs

How easy did the respondents think their system was to use?

o   On a positive note, 50% felt their system was extremely easy to use

o   37.5% thought it was fairly easy to use once you’ve received training

o   12.5% felt it was very confusing

 With regards to the features of their PMS:




I don't know

Interfaces with our veterinary wholesaler




Interfaces with pathology provider




Company offers training to further our skills




o   57% of respondents felt they were utilising most of the features

o   29% said they would like to learn how to use more of the features

When asked if there was anything they were not happy with their PMS, a range of responses were given including:

o   Generally clunky & cumbersome to use

o   The cost

o   Lack of, or very slow support

The final question asked was about suggested improvements and the following suggestions were made:

o   Reduced cost

o   Cloud based

o   Mobile version

o   Better reporting summaries

o   Better response from support staff

In summary...

No one gave a glowing recommendation for their Practice Management System and it seemed to be viewed as a necessary evil rather than an important support feature.  

Value for money seemed to be a big issue as did support and training.  Perhaps this is area that might be interesting to pursue further with the companies that provide VPMS - or maybe I'm the only one that's interested in finding out more?

Perhaps it really is a "meh" topic!

What do you think?  I'd be interested to hear if you think it's worthwhile asking the VPMS companies for their opinions on the online survey feedback.  Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

If you would like to know more, the raw data from the survey responses is available for Vetanswers members - just email me and I'll send them to you




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