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Veterinary practice where you want it to be? Maybe you need to..Turbo Charge Your Practice

Posted in Guest Blogger @ Oct 4th 2013 - By Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice
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Is your veterinary practice where you want it to be? TCYP might be exactly what you & your team are looking for!

Diederik Gelderman from Turbo Charge Your Practice answers our five questions about how it all started and what he does best.  For even more information check out the TCYP Page in the Vetanswers Business Directory.

1.  How did TCYP come about?

Ever since graduating from Veterinary school, I have been passionate about our industry and the opportunities that exist and abound for those who are lucky enough to work in it. And yet I see that most those working in ‘Vet’ have not been fortunate enough to grasp those opportunities and seize that ‘success’ that is so readily available to all.

I went through the ‘typical’ Veterinary journey myself with a poorly profitable practice, no management skills, a poorly engaged team and no work-life balance, working super-hard and super-long to make ends meet.

After ‘hitting the wall’ and deciding that I’d had enough and more importantly after finding the right people to help me, all that changed – quickly and easily (within 12 months).

I’ve always loved helping others, and after discovering how EASY it was to make those simple changes and to go through that process, I decided that these strategies, this information and these process to developing a ‘successful’ (whatever that means to any one individual) Veterinary practice was something that I wanted to share and to help other people bring to fruition and make real for them.

2.  What is it you do best?

In a nutshell – take something complex and make it easy and practical to implement (and successful) in a practice setting.

In more detail - what I do best is to provide practical, powerful and easy, step by step directly implementable tools, techniques and skills that practice owners and practice managers can use to make rapid and effective change in their practice.

Above all I value practicality, applicability and implementability over and above ‘ivory tower’ theory.  They are my driving thrusts with any change that we make in a practice.

Practices are busy places and for anything in practice to be successful it must be easily implemented, easily used and give direct benefits to owners, team members, clients and above all our patients.

Sharing this type of ‘stuff’ with practices is what excites me, motivates me and keeps me going.

3.  What are some of the toughest challenges you think veterinary practices face today?

There are four that I can see being real problems in the very near future.

a) Increasing numbers of Veterinarians (world-wide).

This currently means more practices in EVERY area, as well as practices with small staff numbers. This trend certainly increases the competition. That being so, I really encourage you to understand that not everyone is ‘your client’ and the practices that will continue to be extraordinarily successful are those that understand this concept, embrace it and become the destination of choice for their ‘A’ grade clients and not for too many others. This leads to real profitability and success.

b) Competition from internet stores of all types.

This is in terms of normal OTC type medications like flea, tick and heartworm medication as well as the ‘scheduled’ drugs. There are plenty of strategies which will allow all practices to successfully combat this trend – and yet most practices have not implemented these strategies. Unless they do so, they will suffer more economic loss.

The ADVANTAGE in this situation is that losing this ‘market’ forces us to (rightly) concentrate on our core services of medicine and surgery, etc. and these are things that cannot ever be taken away from us.  This is where we ‘belong’ and are strong.

c) Competition from ‘allied’ health professionals

Such as lay equine dentists, lay pregnancy testers, lay acupuncturists, lay chiropractors and the like. I see more and more of these modalities developing all the time. And the reason is that they serve a need that the client wants solved / fixed and that we Veterinarians are not currently fulfilling – to our own peril may I add.

d) Declining pet numbers and less Western type ‘respect’ for pets by the rapidly emerging economies.  

This obviously interfaces with the increasing numbers of graduating Veterinarians to create a relative oversupply in the Veterinary marketplace.

With the correct strategies, these challenges can be overcome and are being overcome. Our industry has faced many such challenges successfully in the past and will do so again in the future.

4.  How can TCYP help practice owners?

We have a whole host of resources and strategies that have been tried and tested and which we know work. We know where and when and under what conditions each resource or strategy is useful and appropriate.

There is no doubt that EVERYONE, given enough time could develop these ‘success strategies’ themselves.  However as Sir Richard Branson says; “Some people spend a lot of time and effort to save a little bit of money and the successful people spend a little bit of money to save a whole lot of time and effort.”

This is that identical situation where practices should invest a little money in order to get immediate results and save all the pain, stress, heartbreak and time of working through and trialling ‘stuff’ themselves. Sure – they’ll eventually hit on the correct strategies – but at what cost in terms of time, effort and investment.

When implementing tried, tested, true and proven techniques and strategies, change starts to happen immediately. What this means to the practice owner is immediate results to their practice with no ‘testing’, ‘trialling’ or guessing as to what might work and what might not.

Generally I find that within 6 months, we can do a whole turn-around of a practice and get major traction on the change(s) that they want to see – whether that be in terms of profitability, work-life balance or even Leadership and Team building, than they could ever get in a similar time without assistance.

Successfully ‘turning a practice around’ (in broad terms), is not a particularly difficult process. It does require some new ways of doing things, some new processes and thoughts, some different strategies and procedures. But it isn’t hard to do.

However – it will NEVER be successful in a practice where the owner him or herself is not dedicated and enthusiastic in making it happen.

5.  How can TCYP help team members in a practice?

This is a very interesting question, because from what I see (and many, many studies have supported what I’m about to say), almost EVERY Team member in a practice wants to see their practice be truly successful and wants to be part of that success.

And yet – they are not allowed to be involved in that process. They are treated more like ‘workers’ and less like ‘partners’ in the process.  And generally the leadership ‘team’ thinks that the way to motivate these employees is with money.

Nothing could be further from the truth and in fact money is a poor motivator and can even at times be a demotivator. 

Therefore I love sharing this information with everyone on the Team and showing the owner(s) how they can more effectively harness the huge host of talent that exist in the Team and that has never been allowed to be used before.

And from the other perspective to help the team members learn that they can ‘step up’ and share their unique skill-sets in an environment in which everyone gets to be part of a practice that excels in patient outcomes and client / customer service. 

Feel free to ask Diederik any questions you may have about the challenges you face in your veterinary business in the comments section below!

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