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Veterinary Success Secrets Revealed - Why I Wrote The Book

Posted in Our Community @ Mar 15th 2018 - By Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice
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The newest Australian veterinary business book is about to hit the shelves...

JG: I knew Dr Diederik Gelderman had been very busy writing a book and as I'm a fan of Diederik's work I was really keen to find out what it was all about. He has very kindly sent me a copy which I'm looking forward to diving into this weekend but in the meanwhile, I asked him to give us an overview as to what the book was all about and what led him to write it in the first place? 

DG: Before we go there - the title actually is Veterinary Success Secrets Revealed; that's a pretty short title. But the subtitles’ long - and, there's a reason it had to be long. It had to be long to properly get the message across to the potential readers.

So the entire subtitle is,

How To Have An Amazing Practice And Achieve Work-Life Balance.

That’s almost like my life story now and it's what I live for. What I get up for every day is to help vets the world over achieve that goal. And even if I say so myself, this work has made an incredible impact in the world of vet – all over the world.

One of the questions that I’m asked is “Diederik why did you write the book – after all, there’s no money in a book!?”

There are a lot of reasons why I put all the work into the book, and one of them was that for years people have been asking me to distil Turbo Charge Your Practice down into something that could be accessible to every vet in every country, and that's what I'm trying to do here.

This is like a textbook for success in the veterinary industry; it's like a roadmap, it’s like a blueprint.

No matter whether you are an undergraduate, a new graduate, an associate or a practice owner….

No matter whether you are a cow vet, horse vet or a small animal vet.....

No matter whether you practice in the city, a town, a village or in the country.....

No matter whether you are a vet practising conventional medicine or follow alternative therapies.....

No matter what, ……

There is a success path here, laid out for you to follow. There is a guide, a mentor or two or three to follow.

If you want ‘success’, whatever that means to you, then follow this book and the resources that come with it and you’ll achieve that success.

It was such a personal thing for me to write this book, because it is so tied to my life and everything I've done since I first started in practice in 1977, and it was so personal I was worried about letting people look at it, but now I've run it by a bunch of people, I've received some amazing, amazing testimonials and blurbs — they are awesome. I’m just—really, really excited about this.

So, there you have it, 

Visit: to find out more...


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