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Vetico Vs Dr Google

Posted in Guest Blogger @ Mar 27th 2013 - By Dr Nick Wonders, Vetico
Dr Nick Wonders

As most members of the Veterinary industry are aware, those ‘Dr Google’ moments at the start of a consultation are definitely on the increase. Pet owners are increasingly looking to complement the relationship they have with their Veterinarian with an online source of information. The concern with this is these resources are often misleading and unreliable. 

With this in mind, both I, Nick Wonders and longtime friend, Ben Willcocks, decided to develop the website Vetico, the Veterinary Information Community for pet owners, features hundreds of articles, news pieces and blogs written by Veterinarians and members of the pet industry.

At Vetico, we truly believe that there is a place in the industry for an online resource, such as Vetico, to complement the relationship pet owners already have with their Veterinarian.  As such, we continue to work by the guiding principle for the site, which is to “provide Vets with a more informed pet owner earlier, and more often”. We place a large emphasis on preventative medicine and the overall health of pets.

Although the content on the site is intended for pet owners, we also feel that Vetico is a useful tool for Veterinarians. For instance, if you are limited to 15min consults, and wish to send your clients home with further information on a drug or disease, our articles are accessible and specifically written for pet owners. As we all know, time is money, and this is particularly the case in Vet Clinics.

In addition to a large amount of pet health information, the site also features a huge number of blogs and news pieces. We have designed the platform to encourage charities and education bodies to regularly blog on the site, allowing the circulation of engaging content, and giving these organisations an opportunity to promote themselves to a wider audience.

We have already partnered with Vets Beyond Borders, Sydney University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Animal Welfare League Australia, WSPA and Delta Society Australia, with many in the pipeline to jump onboard in the coming months.  We are also constantly on the look out for people and groups doing interesting work within the Pet and Veterinary Industry to contribute to the site (if you know of any who might benefit from getting in front of a large pet owner audience, please let us know).

Ultimately, we hope Vetico will provide a safe forum for pet owners to seek further information and support, and a destination where Vets can comfortably send their clients.

I'd be more than happy to hear what you think or answer any questions you may have as to how Vetico can help you in your veterinary practice.  Just tell me what you think in the comments section below.


Nick is one of the Resident Veterinarians at Vetico, the Veterinary Information Community for pet owners.  He has an interest in Small Animal Medicine and Dairy Medicine. 


jamie sferruzzi @ Jun 3rd 2015 1:22pm
My dog has a big red lump that has came up over night
Judy @ Jun 3rd 2015 1:55pm
Hi Jamie, I'm sorry to hear about your dog. The best thing to do would be to take him to your local vet as any lump that grows quickly should be checked out straight away. Hope everything turns out ok for you and your dog!
Mandy @ Oct 23rd 2015 10:28am
HI This is just the sort of vet website I have been looking for, as my dog is about to turn 14 and I have already taken him to the vet for a few consultations, and don't want to add to his stress, so am just after an opinion at this stage. All his recent blood tests show him as being "healthy" for his age. However, he does not seem to be absorbing nutrients from his food and I believe he is losing weight, even though he is eating a lot. He is still fairly lively. Due to his old age I don't want him to undergo more tests. Your advice would be wonderful.
Judy @ Oct 23rd 2015 10:55am
Hi Mandy, thanks for checking out our blog post. Vetanswers is an online business community for the veterinary industry and so we don't offer any veterinary advice. I'd suggest if you're worried about your dog it's best to contact your local vet. Or you could visit: as they offer pet advice online. Good luck! :) Judy
robert collins @ Sep 19th 2016 1:19pm
we are contemplating putting our cat down she is 16 years old has bad back legs from a broken hip many years ago and over last few weeks has had diarrhea constantly without any control can that be fixed at this stage in her life
Judy @ Sep 20th 2016 4:54pm
Hi Robert, I'm so sorry to hear your cat is so unwell. It sounds like something you should definitely discuss with your vet before making any final decisions. The Vetanswers community mostly supports our members from a business perspective and so we're not able to offer any veterinary advice.

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