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Posted in Client Service @ Apr 7th 2016 - By Featuring Steve Jensen, National Sales Academy
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VETTalk Biz Podcast #7 featuring Steve Jensen, National Sales Academy

It's not about selling, it's about treating your client's pain

Are some people more suited to being in business than others?

There are some who are in business that probably shouldn’t be involved with sales. If that’s the case then it’s essential to find someone in your business who does like talking to people.

In their day to day work, Vets may find it difficult to get into selling mode as they spend so much time in caring mode – they’re thinking about fixing and helping, not selling.

Which is why front desk ambience is very important. Your practice needs friendly, helpful people at your front counter however they are often not trained to communicate in the best way. For example standing up to greeting clients, using their name, etc.

Great communication doesn't create sales...

Great communication may not necessarily create sales however it does create trust so when you recommend a product or service your client is far more likely to say “Yes” if they trust you.

For example....Vets may not feel comfortable recommending pet insurance

Tips on how to introduce and discuss pet insurance with a client with a new puppy:

  • Ask client to fill in form with questions about their expectations on the health of their puppy to determine their level of knowledge on basics e.g feeding, exercise, pet insurance
  • Vet then reviews form before seeing client and their new puppy.

The form allows the conversation to start about pet insurance and what could happen during the life of the pet – conversation needs to happen in a helpful way, rather than a ‘selling’ way.

This conversation is aimed at informing the client as to the potential issues so they won’t have to say “I never knew that this could happen”.

Ignorance can be bliss but it can also be painful when something bad happens.

A good communicator is a solutions finder once they’ve determined what someone’s pain is.

You can use a process called: PFBEA

Pain – “Here’s your pain - concern about being able to afford best care for pup throughout its life”

Feature – “Here’s the feature we have to fix it …Pet Insurance”

Benefit – “The right Insurance will mean you are able to consider the best possible care throughout the life of your pet”

Emotion – “You won’t have to worry about potentially financing treatment, so you can relax and enjoy your pet”

Agreement – “Is this is what you’re after?”

These skills need to be trained and rehearsed with your staff

The question isn’t “How can you get them to buy more?” but “How can you help them more? And then they’ll buy more”

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