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Want to educate, add value & bond with your veterinary clients?

Posted in Client Service @ Jul 5th 2016 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
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We all know the importance of educating, entertaining, adding value and ulimately bonding with your veterinary clients.

Your aim should always be to delight your clients.

To achieve this you could:

  • Write and publish a regular weekly blog post
  • Actively post on social media several times a day - EVERY day
  • Write and publish engaging eBooks on a range of topics of interest to pet owners
  • Film and publish videos and podcasts on pet care topics
  • Develop apps to use in the consult room or to keep in contact with your clients 
  • Write or develop your own online course to help educate clients on basic dog and cat care.

Yeah right! Who has the time?

Sometimes what we want or need may be right in front of us - if we know where to look! Scroll down and check out the list of resources, links and tools below that cover ALL of these areas for you. Some are free and some you'll need to pay for but they'll all help to delight your clients.

No one has the time nor the expertise to reinvent the wheel - so why even try?

Drumroll please for the best list of resources to help you educate, entertain and bond with your veterinary clients........

Vetanswers - the FREE online veterinary community

(Yes..that's us!) Vetanswers is the online veterinary community thast welcomes EVERYONE in the veterinary industry.

Veterinarian? Veterinary Nurse/tech? Practice Owner or Manager? Receptionist? Work for a veterinary supplier? Join us - membership isFREE!

You'll also receive our Veterinary Community Connection eNews every Friday morning with heaps of resources, tools and links to all sorts of interesting veterinary information. Every week we also include a number of links to resources that your clients will find interesting so you can share them on your veterinary social media pages.

Pet Protector - an online pet care course for clients (CCG)

Pet Protector from CCG is a comprehensive, online course to help educate your clients on dog and cat health care.

The course consists of 2 x 4 online modules (one for cats and one for dogs) that have been written by qualified veterinarians and veterinary nurses with decades of experience training clients in pet health care and includes information on:

  • Pet body language
  • Basic pet care
  • Health requirements
  • Infectious diseases
  • Common emergency situations and more

You can purchase packs of Pet Protector Course Access Cards that you can then sell or gift to your clients as part of a special promotion, reward program or puppy program. Your client then enrols online using the instructions and access token on the Course Access Card and all technical support is provided by CCG.

Veterinary App for the Consult Room: iConsult iPad App

Designed by Aussie Vets for Aussie Vets

The iConsult iPad App has been designed to improve client education and patient compliance and can be used by both vets and nurses to help clients better understand their pet's condition.

Within the iConsult App are anatomical diagrams (easy for clients to understand) and e-books that can be emailed directly from the App to the client. There's information on just about every condition and the e-books have been written by Australian vets so all the information is relevant and current!

FREE eBook: Doggy Danger - A guide to common poisons in the home (Creature Clinic Blog)

This gorgeously designed eBook is from veterinary blogger Dr Joanna Paul (Creature Clinic) and is FREE!

The eBook contains 50+ pages of information, practical tips, and lovely infographics. All easy to read and a perfect resource for your clients.

All you need to do is share the link with your veterinary clients - easy! Cick on the image below...


Client Resource: First Aid fpr Pets - Kits and Guide (Creature Clinic Blog)

Another brilliant idea from veterinary blogger Dr Joanna Paul (Creature Clinic).

The First Aid Kits For Pets is designed by a veterinarian (Dr Jo!) and containing the key items essential for canine and feline emergencies.

The 'First Aid for Pets Manual' is included and provides simple, step-by-step instructions for how (and when) to perform CPR and how to manage common pet emergencies.

The kit comes in 'Small' and 'Medium - Large' for the same price.

FREE Resources - Vetanswers Website Client Service Resources Page

This ever growing list of resources is freely available to everyone in the veterinary community.

On the Vetanswers website 'Client Service Resources Page' you'll find links to downloadable handouts (e.g. Why it might be time to get rid of that food bowl for your dog, cat or bird), links to extensive toolkits from dvm360 (e.g. The dental care toolkit) and links to a huge range of general handouts from dog behaviour to cat care.

FREE Videos to share with clients - VETTalk tv Pet Owners Channel

Whether your clients have dogs, cats, horses, exotics or ar interested in the veterinary world....

Heaps of short, entertaining and informative videos to share with your clients - ALL Australian!

Real stories about everyday pet problems with the occasional specialist veterinary surgery.

FREE Podcasts to share with clients - VETTalk tv Podcasts for Pet Owners

Mix it up by sharing podcasts with your clients on a HUGE range of topics.

You can choose to share the weekly VETtalk podcast consisting of three stories that usually go for around 20 minutes OR share each individual story - arund 6 to 8 minutes each.



PocketVet - Move your veterinary practice into the digital world  

PocketVet is the low, cost most effective way to enter the mobile marketing world.

PocketVet is an easy to use reference and management tool that allows your clients to add all of their pets information including vaccination, worming, short term medication and blood test reminders and so much more into the App on their phone.

Purchase a PocketVet membership for your practice and send out your own alerts and reminders to your clients. PocketVet provide you with all of the marketing and educational material to successfully implement the App into your clinic.

What have we missed?

If you have a product or service that you use to delight your veterinary clients - share the information in the Comments section below so I can add them to the list.



Kay @ Jul 29th 2016 3:25pm
Hi judy, I was looking ar the iConsult for iPad app, but i cant find it. Is it something that is in the works and not up and running just yet? Cheers
Judy @ Aug 2nd 2016 10:13am
Hi Kay, the iConsult for iPad is definitely up and running but I think their website is currently being updated. You can click on the link on the 'Veterinary Applications' image above to see some information in the Veterinary Branding Catalogue. You can also contact Jess at Veterinary Branding with any questions 07 55984300 or If you've got an iPad Jess can also set you up with a free trial which is probably the best way to check it out for yourself :)

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