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Welcome VetShare! What's the Fuss About?

Posted in Guest Blogger @ Mar 1st 2012 9:33pm - By Paul Rennie CEO VetShare Ltd

Well it seems my wobbly chair comment about leaving your comfort zone to start something absolutely new, struck a note with a lot of people.  Very few of us welcome change however it usually results in a strong change for the better … provided we are ready to see and then exploit the opportunities. 

We have received many enquiries about the benefits of VetShare and we could summarise them as WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) questions, so here are my thoughts on “what’s the fuss about”.

Why would I invest in VetShare Ltd?

The basics:

VetShare Ltd is a wholesale supply company owned by vets and its staff.

Vets can now benefit from purchasing their clinic requirements from a business that they can own a share in  … unique in Australia.

 “So what?” you may ask  … or WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)

 VetShare is principally owned by Vets … Vets in practice.

  •  WIIFM … Vet ownership provides essential turnover to be profitable, as share ownership will be followed by clinic purchasing … all things being equal and a good  helping of self-interest.

  All board members, the C.E.O and key staff hold significant financial interests in VetShare Ltd.

  • WIIFM … In total, our board and staff have put in cash totalling over $600,000.00 … we call this “Skin in the Game” or “Hurt Money” our commitment and support is there to see.

  VetShare is an Australia Company incorporated in Canberra.

  • WIIFM … Our profits are returned to our Australian shareholders together with support for our Australian Veterinary industry.  We also know our culture … a fair go for all; after all, we are helping to create it.

 All board members are registered Vets either working in practice or exclusively advising Vets on their business success.

  • WIIFM …We understand what’s required to run a practice and produce profits; we know what’s required from our wholesaler to ensure our profits are supported and increased.

 VetShare has a lean cost philosophy. 

  •  WIIFM … As all staff will also be shareholders together with our board …we will all be working towards our share value to increase via fair and reasonable profits as soon as possible … our entire team is committed to keeping costs down and productivity up, so we all share in the benefits.

 VetShare has received unprecedented support from the top tier suppliers, manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies together with widespread support from veterinary colleagues.

  • WIIFM … Supplier support is critical in order to gain trading accounts and promotional and in field sales support; colleague support simply means a great referral system is established without cost.

 All proposed employees of VetShare have many years of wholesale experience.

  • WIIFM …  Basically we know what we are doing, we have done it for years, resulting in less costly down time training up new staff, also less mistakes, less wastage, less start up and operations costs.

 VetShare has no start up debt.

  •  WIIFM … Not using investor’s money to pay off start up debt … we’re off to a great financial start.

 VetShare Ltd is the only Australian opportunity for Vets to invest into their own supply company.

  • WIIFM … It stands to reason that investing into a company connected to your own business requirements would be beneficial.

VetShare has a strong, reputable and experienced board.

  • WIIFM … Corporate governance and industry reputation is critical to ensure shareholder approval and mitigate risks. 

 If you are interested in becoming a shareholder in VetShare Limited there are only 2 weeks to go (the prospectus and capital raising close March 16th)

Please contact me at: or on 0427611611

Or you can download our prospectus at


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