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What will you be doing differently in 2016?

Posted in Operations @ Jan 28th 2016 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
What Will You Be Doing Differently In 2016

Want to achieve new goals in 2016? Then you'll need to make changes...

It's been a slow start for me this year. As I work from home it's a little difficult to fully concentrate on work with kids home from school but from now on there are no excuses.

I have however been thinking about what I want to achieve in 2016 in my personal as well as business life (after all, the two work in tandem!) . I started off by thinking about 2015 - what went well and what went not so well - and I'm starting to put together a few goals that I'd like to achieve.

I know though it's not enough to just write down a couple of goals

I've also got to work out how I'm going to achieve them...and that means there are some things that have to change. But planning is one of the things I do best and I do love a good challenge so I'm quite looking forward to the process.

So, what about you? Are you happy with all aspects of your life or are there some things you'd like to change or improve?

If there are, why not join me and spend the next week making some plans for 2016?

Maybe you'd like .....

  • a new job; 
  • to learn a new skill or improve an existing skill;
  • to eat more healthily;
  • to be less tired and be able to take a more active role with your family;
  • to achieve more at work without working more hours;
  • to buy a house;
  • to travel...

It really could be anything. But there's one thing you'll have to accept - if your goal is something that you weren't able to achieve in 2015 then it means that something is going to have to change in 2016.

And that's the big question....are you ready to make some changes?

So here's your challenge...

1. Write a list of the goals you would like to achieve in 2016 - work, home, family, friends.

Click here to download a pdf version of the blog post image 'List Goals Here' that you can use to list your goals on.

2. For each of the goals write what you need to do to achieve them and be specific.

You'll find that one change often leads to another. For example one of my goals is to start getting up early in the morning to exercise so I have more productive hours available during the day. In order to get up early I need to go to bed earlier which means I have to stop working at night and when I'm not working, turn off the TV at a set time. 

I'll be working on my plan during the week and will hopefully have something to share with you by next week - why not let me know how you go & together we might be able to achieve all of our goals for 2016!


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