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Why is the Vet Cookbook hosting writing workshops for the veterinary industry?

Posted in Our Community @ Aug 21st 2021 - By Dr Anne Quain, Veterinarian, Blogger & Lecturer
Writing A True Story Narrative Non Fiction Writing Workshop

Looking for something a bit different to help generate your "flow"

When it comes to the mental wellbeing of veterinary team members, there is a range of excellent resources and programs available. However, we wanted to do something a little different, something that might generate a bit of “flow” (a positive psychology term for that feeling of energised focus, or the sense of being in the zone). Writing gives people a chance to express themselves. It is a creative outlet. It is a valuable skill. And it can be learned and constantly developed and improved.

It happened that award winning author (The Lucky Galah) and environmental campaigner Tracy Sorensen was available to run a workshop for 25 veterinary team members. One of the silver-linings of COVID-19 has been the very rapid adaptation of both veterinary continuing professional development providers and consumers to virtual delivery. What it meant was that this humble two-part workshop wasn’t geographically limited to a state or even a country. We had some overseas delegates.

Fantastic feedback

The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. It was an opportunity to do something a bit different, to learn a different set of skills, and to have a bit of fun on the way. Tracy is an exceptional teacher, and very good at creating a safe space where people felt comfortable sharing their work. Tracy’s workshop focused on creative writing.

We have now secured a second award winning author, Brendan James Murray, to run a two part workshop on narrative non-fiction writing. If you read his books, The Drowned Man, Venom, and The School, you will realise that the art of writing and creatively still permeates these books. 

Everyone is welcome

The workshop is open to anyone, regardless of their writing ability or whether they have a project or not. You don’t have to be “a writer” to do the workshop. It is an opportunity to learn from a skilled writer and teacher, in your own home. With your dog or cat or horse beside you.

Want to know more about the workshop?

The CVE & The Vet Cookbook - Writing a True Story: Narrative Non-fiction Writing Workshop

Presenter: Brendan James Murray

Online Workshop 1: 7pm - 9pm Wednesday 29 September

Online Workshop 2: 7pm - 9pm Wednesday 13 October

Topics to be covered include:

  • What is narrative nonfiction? How can a poetic style be paradoxically more true than traditional reporting?
  • Examples of narrative nonfiction.
  • Specific techniques used, including similie, metaphor, imagery.
  • Structure (non-linear constructions, where to start, and where to finish)
  • Turning your stories into narrative nonfiction. 

Everyone is welcome but places are limited!

Click HERE to visit The CVE website to find out more and to register


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