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Words from a Winner - VNCA Veterinary Nurse of the Year

Posted in Our Community @ Oct 22nd 2013 - By Laura Hayden, Senior Vet Nurse, Belmont Vet Centre

So what does the winner of the 2013 VNCA Hills Vet Nurse of the Year Award think of her job, the industry and what it's like to be recognised by her peers in the veterinary industry?

I’ve always loved animals from a young age, and after dipping my toes in a few different pools – event management and PR – Vet Nursing found me. I’m a fatalist and feel like I was meant to be doing this job. Everything has just fallen into place since I started my first Vet Nursing job 3 years ago, here at the Belmont Vet Centre. Everyday is an adventure, mentally stimulating and engaging – I think that’s why I love nursing so much. Dealing with so many wonderful fur babes and their humans, the days just fly by.

I’m blessed with two amazing bosses Dr. Richard and Lisa Blair who have really given me an amazing platform to truly make a difference. I have a real passion for community outreach and animal welfare, and here at the Belmont Vet Centre I’ve been able to cultivate that passion – running various fundraising events, starting a kitten adoption program, client education nights as well as establishing a strong social media presence. I want everyone to know how much all the team at BVC have to offer and how much we truly care about animals as well as educating everyone on responsible pet ownership.

In the future I want to extend and challenge myself as a nurse by completing the Diploma of Veterinary Nursing as well as continuing to grow my community outreach program. I want to be the best nurse I can be and I think that is truly possible at BVC as each and every team member care and encourage each other to reach for the stars – you’re only as good as the team you work with and I may be a little biased but the team at the BVC are AMAZING!

I think the biggest challenge nurses face is that there is just not enough hours in the day to do everything we want to do – I know I’m constantly wondering where the time goes – a testament to how much I love what I do.

The biggest thing that I love so much about the “National Vet Nurse of the Year” awards is that nurses are being recognised by their peers for amazing things they do everyday without a second thought. I think the best thing an employer can give to a nurse is an accolade to say how much they appreciate all the extra things, the little things, or even just something they have done well. It can change how that nurse feels about herself both in her job and for her personal self esteem. We are not glorified cage cleaners or receptionists and it’s amazing that the world gets to see that.

Positivity is key when you’re a vet nurse – we clean up poo and wee on a daily basis and do it with a smile. I’ve found personally that by keeping a positive attitude all of the daily little hiccups pass and resolve with ease.

I’m deeply humbled by the recognition I have received and believe it is a testament to the amazing cultivating, training and support I get on a daily basis from the amazing team at Belmont Vet Centre and I dedicate this award to every one of them and cannot wait for our next adventure together.

If you would like to read the amazing letter written by Laura's Manager Lisa Blair to nominate her for the 2013 VNCA Hill's Vet Nurse of the Year Award  - click here 

If you would like to know more about the Veterinary Nurse's Council of Australia (VNCA) and the fabulous work they do - click here

Laura Hayden is a Senior Veterinary Nurse at Belmont Vet Centre in Geelong, Victoria.  She has been a vet nurse for 3 years, is Cert IV qualified and is currently enrolled in Diploma of Veterinary Nursing.  Her areas of speciality are Community Outreach and Client Relations.

The areas she enjoys most about her job as a vet nurse is making a difference and of course, cuddling pets!  She is the proud owner of Zeus a Jack Russell x, Jada a Staffy x and Willow a british shorthair.


lisa blair @ Oct 25th 2013 8:17am
That's our girl! We're so very proud of her. And every single member of our clinic team - "What is the recipe for successful achievement? To my mind there are just four essential ingredients: Choose a career you love, give it the best there is in you, seize your opportunities, and be a member of the team." Benjamin Franklin Fairless Laura has that nailed. And finally "The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team." John Wooden She stands on the shoulders of giants, love you all! xooxxo
Judy @ Oct 25th 2013 4:20pm
Hi Lisa, lovely to see a proud manager - you must have an awesome team there at Belmont Vet Centre!

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