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Work in a veterinary practice? Then you're in the sales business.

Posted in Festival of All Things Dental @ Aug 18th 2014 - By Dr Natasha Wilks, High Performance Vets
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It's not really just about selling.. it's about meeting the needs of your clients & their pets.

You are obviously reading this either on your phone, your tablet or a computer.  You are wearing clothes.  You drive a car, sleep in a bed and eat food from your local store off crockery you purchased.

Someone sold all of that to you.

Now when you purchased any of the items above, did you feel you had to go and take a shower as you felt dirty?  No!

You had a need and you went to the store.  Any good salesperson will spend time asking what you are looking for and provide you with a solution to meet those needs.  You purchased the goods and was satisfied with your decision.

If you have been employed, then you have been the salesperson. It actually works both ways.  You are selling and promoting your knowledge, skills and abilities to the potential future employer as to why they should hire you and what you can do for their business.  The practice is also selling to you their value and how it can help you achieve your career & personal goals.

Sales is a transaction of a service or product in return for money or compensation.

It is how you think about it that determines whether you consider it sleazy or just a transaction.  I would advise that you stop thinking about it in a negative way.

Clients come to us with their problems and it is our job to educate them and provide a solution.  If they didn’t want our advice and expert opinion, they would have gone to Dr Google or the pet store.  You are the expert in their pets health.  You are the trusted authority.  Clients want our advice which is why they book a consultation. 

Stop thinking that selling is comparable to being a car salesman as you are cheating your clients, the practice you are employed in and ultimately yourself.

How would you feel if you went to the dentist and were never advised that you needed a filling because they felt they were ‘selling’?  You would feel cheated and very angry when all your teeth became rotten. 

Neglecting to give a recommendation occurs in practice on a routine basis. 

It isn’t about you. 

Stop thinking about how you feel because when you do that you are not considering the client.  Think about what the patient needs and how you can help them.  That is what clients are paying us for.

Dr Natasha Wilks BVSc DipCoaching is a Veterinarian and Coach.  Natasha is the founder of High Performance Vets and works with Veterinarians to improve their well-being and help them succeed in their career.

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