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Work in the veterinary industry? Then it's probably time for a REAL break.

Posted in 1. Mental health resources @ Nov 30th 2017 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
Work In The Veterinary Industry Then Its Probably Time For A Real Break Red

I’m starting to realise that the countdown to both Christmas and the end of 2017 is now upon us.

And for those of you lucky enough to be taking a break from work and perhaps going away for a holiday it’s also time to start thinking about that too. But what does going on holidays mean to you? 

Are you able to truly break away from work or are you too often still thinking about work and making calls “just to check”?  Or even worse – do you never go on holidays?

Working in your chosen profession in the veterinary industry often means you may view your job as more than just a career – it’s a calling.  It’s something you do because you love it and this makes taking a holiday from your job even harder.  It also means that unless you have a very understanding family they may not understand why you have so much trouble taking a ‘real’ break from your job.

But what happens when you don’t take regular ‘real’ breaks?

The complexity of your role and the level of emotion that you are often faced with can take their toll on your physical and psychological well being much faster than many other jobs.  Compassion fatigue is a very real psychological condition and one that can rob you of much of the pleasure you used to experience in your job and your life.  The symptoms of general burnout can also decrease your everyday enjoyment.

So if you’re experiencing a loss of motivation, irritability, insomnia, lethargy and you find that familiar things no longer give you the pleasure they used to, then you need to do something about it. 

If every day seems like a chore then you need to take notice of these warning signs and plan to have a real break. 

You don’t have to leave home but you do have to remove yourself from all aspects of work: no ‘checking’ on things, no reading emails, no working on work documents – NOTHING to do with work.

This summer, consider giving yourself a real break, especially if the symptoms listed above are scarily close to home. 

Everyone who works in the veterinary industry are special people, doing a special job and they deserve to be looked after.

YOU deserve to be looked after!    



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