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You talked, we listened..the Monthly Professional Development Calendar

Posted in Management @ Oct 30th 2014 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
You talked, we listened...Vetanswers community

"I think the Monthly PD Calendar is a wonderful idea and I have already found it useful in identifying a course I was not even aware of that I really wanted to do!     I have put a link on our web browser so that all of my colleagues can view it too and access their CE of Choice"

(Dr Nicole Hoskin, Prahan Veterinary Hospital)

Thanks Nicole!  That was just one of the lovely comments I received after emailing all Vetanswers members and asking for their opinions on the new Vetanswers Monthly Professional Development Calendar. If you don’t remember seeing an email from me you might want to check other folders in your inbox to see if it’s hiding there – it was a plain text email, not a fancy html one.

I didn’t just ask for the nice stuff though (which of course is always lovely to hear!) I also wanted comments and suggestions on how the new PD Calendar could be improved. 

A big thank you to all who sent me in your comments and suggestion.

Here are just some of them:

“This is an excellent start.  Personally I need to view topics by date search for "ultrasound" would show all ultrasound courses with dates and locations.  Click on course for more details, click here to enrol.  Might be able to get a clip of the ticket for enrolments?”

JG: Excellent suggestions all of which have been added to my planning for the development of a more ‘online’ version.


"I am more accustomed to reading a weekly calendar with Monday on the left and Sunday on the right. Yours has Sunday on the left and Saturday on the right, which to me is a little confusing.”

JG: D’oh!  Why didn’t I think of that?  Thanks and you’ll notice the November version is now Monday to Sunday.


“It's such a great idea....the only thing is that by giving me info for October in Sept/Oct I'm already locked in schedule wise - so webinars, DE etc - yes, actual seminars to go to - not practical.  Also, and separately if I'm planning to travel next year (wish I was) and I could tie where I wanted to go with a CE opportunity it would make me (drum roll please) tax deductible and therefore happy :) But I need to plan that further out.”

JG: Another excellent point regarding future planning, and one which hopefully will be alleviated by..another drum roll please....the.....

‘What’s on in 2015? 12 Month Professional Development Calendar’

Coming soon (hopefully before the end of November) which will give you the opportunity to start planning more of the big ticket conferences and workshops.  Each month I’ll update and republish the ‘Monthly PD Calendar’ to include all the other PD opportunities such as webinars, evening sessions, etc.

So overall the new Vetanswers Monthly Professional Development Calendar has been really well received within our online community and I’m looking forward to continuing to improve the resource to make it even more useful for you and your veterinary team.

Keep the comments and suggestions coming by either adding your thoughts in the comments section below or emailing me directly

And if you haven't already seen it... Here's the November Monthly Professional Development Calendar:

Click here to download a pdf copy...



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