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Your clients are NOT seeing all your Facebook Posts!

Posted in Social Media @ Jul 11th 2013 - By Judy Gillespie
Show Off All Your Facebook Posts

I'm sure you go to a lot of effort to find great posts to share with the clients and friends that have 'Liked' your veterinary practice Facebook Page.  

Did you know that when a client ‘Likes’ your veterinary practice Facebook Page – or any other Business Page for that matter – the standard Facebook setting is that they will only see ‘Some of your posts’?  That’s right – those behind Facebook in their infinite wisdom assume that even though your clients have gone to the effort to ‘Like’ your Page that doesn’t necessarily mean they might actually want to see all of your post – no, they probably only want to see ‘some’ of your posts!

How they determine which of your posts will make it to your clients newsfeed is even more complicated – and changes regularly.

It's time to take back control!

There is a very simple, but not so obvious, way to get around this:

Just go to a Business Page you may have ‘Liked’....say for example Vetanswers!

Then click on the ‘Liked’ button.  You’ll see it already shows a tick next to ‘Show in Newsfeed’ BUT that’s not enough.

Click ‘Settings’ and I bet Most Updates’ is selected, as that seems to be the automatic setting.  Now click ‘All Updates’ – this should ensure you will now see all the updates from this Page in your newsfeed.

I say ‘should’ because with Facebook  - who really knows?

Here is an image of what all these settings look like:

Now get the message out there!

The trick is to get this message out to your clients who have already ‘Liked’ your veterinary practice page so they can start to see ALL of your posts.  You could of course post an update on Facebook.... but you can see the problem there already.

This is what I suggest:

  • Post an update on Facebook
  • Add a section in to your next newsletter explaining what to do
  • Write a blog post on the topic and promote it on your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Feel free to copy whatever you need from this blog post – no point reinventing the wheel is there?

Share in the comments section below any other tips you may have to get the best out of your Facebook Page.

(Thanks to my online blogging friend Amber from Words Done Write for posting this information on her Facebook Page.)


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