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Posted in Our Community @ Aug 28th 2012 4:34pm - By Judy Gillespie
Our Community

From the very beginning of Vetanswers I’ve always described it as an ‘online community for the veterinary industry’.  So why did I use the word ‘community’?

One definition of ‘community’ is “a social unit larger than a small village that shares common values... A community is a group or society, helping each other”

That’s the bit I like to focus on when I think of the term ‘community’ – helping each other.

I honestly believe that the veterinary industry is made up of a great bunch of people who do what they do because they love it.  It’s often hard work physically and emotionally and we all know the financial rewards are not that great.

So that’s my reason for wanting to ‘help’.  Ok – I admit it – I also like the buzz I get when I’ve been able to help someone and I’m what is commonly called ‘persistent’.

This week I was reminded of the nature of our ‘community’ by two of our members:  one was offering to help and the other was asking for help.

Sarah McCoy from VetTech Australia was concerned about a new cat food on the market that doesn’t contain added Taurine.  Although the cans have teeny, tiny warnings that the food is only for occasional or supplementary feeding she was concerned that many cat owners may not read the label so she posted her concerns on our Facebook Page and it generated some interesting comments.  I’ve turned the information into a Blog so it’s easier to share: Lack of Taurine in New Cat Food: Source of Concern?, feel free to have your say in the comments section.

Our second community member is a Practice Owner in Sydney who has a team member currently studying at TAFE. One of her assignments involves demonstrating her understanding of preparing surgical equipment and materials for surgery.  Now the practice she works in is a small animal practice and doesn’t have the equipment she needs to write the protocols on so the Practice Owner contacted me and asked if I could help.

The TAFE assignment consists of:

Demonstrating her understanding of preparing surgical equipment and materials for surgery.

For each piece of equipment listed below she needs to describe in detail:

  • Cleaning of the equipment. Consider each piece of equipment individually.
  • Sterilising of the equipment (where needed). Comment on the different techniques used and OHS and health risks involved.
  • Storing of the equipment, or handling after sterilisation.  Be specific on how equipment should be stored ideally and how long equipment can be stored before it should be resterilised.

Surgical equipment:

  1. Suction and Suction Hose
  2. Air Drill and Air Drill Cord
  3. Rigid Endoscope
  4. Cautery unit
  5. Penrose Drain
  6. Drill Bits

So – what about it?  Is there anyone in our community that can help out a fellow Vetanswers community member?  You’ll get lots of kudos & pats on the back & mentions of what a great person you are if you do.  I might even send you a couple of Vetanswers pens!  Now you can’t ask for more than that.

Contact me via email ( or leave a message in the comments section if you can help out.

And thanks to Sarah for taking the time to share the information regarding the new cat food with the rest of our community.

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