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Your Veterinary Blog - The Engine Behind Your Online Presence

Posted in Web Sites @ Feb 7th 2019 - By Dr Michael Warren, DVMelite
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Blogs play an important role in developing and cementing a business’s online presence – and veterinary practices are no exception.

Updated Feb 2019

Yet understandably many practice owners and veterinary professionals still haven’t embraced this concept for their own practices. The fact is if you’re not yet leveraging a blog for your veterinary practice, you’re most definitely missing out. Here’s why.

Increased Visibility

The goal of most veterinary practices is growth, but you can’t achieve this unless you are actively promoting your practice.

With over 97% of consumers now using the internet to find products and services in their local area, including veterinary services, blogs provide an essential tool to draw those prospects to your website and convert them into clients.

Improved Credibility

Veterinarians are the most knowledgeable source for animal related questions and topics. When you use your blog as a vessel to disseminate useful information and helpful tips, you will begin to position yourself as an expert and go-to source in your community. As readers come to know and trust you, they will naturally want to turn to you with their pet care needs.

Client Engagement

One of the biggest challenges that busy veterinary professionals face is finding the time to foster relationships with their clients within the short time allotted for appointments. A veterinary blog provides the ability to continue the conversation with clients and engage with prospects on a more personal level, outside of the walls of your clinic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Better Search Engine Positioning

A large part of the algorithm Google uses to rank websites in the search results is fresh content. When regularly updated, blogs provide the perfect mechanism to help boost your website’s search engine positioning. That means that when your prospects turn to the web to search for pet-related topics, it’s your blog posts that they will find, ultimately leading them to your veterinary website.

Positive Online Reputation

What people are saying about you online can make a significant difference in how prospects view your practice. If the only results that are coming up in a web search are negative or less-than-stellar reviews, chances are you’re losing business as a result. By posting regularly on your veterinary blog, you can replace these potentially harmful search results with positive, quality content that helps to paint your practice in a much better light.

Attracts Incoming Links

One of the things that Google looks at when determining how a website should be ranked in search results is how many incoming links it has. Links tell Google that you are an authority on the subject of veterinary and pet-related matters and that it’s your site that should be listed at the top when someone searches for these topics. A blog with quality content gives people excellent material to link back to, instantly boosting your website’s authority.

A veterinary blog is more than just a tool for sharing information – it is the driving force behind the success of your practice’s website and the mechanism by which your practice will achieve continued growth well into the future.

If you're less than satisfied with your current website and would like to kickstart your practice growth (including a blog) then contact one of the DVMelite consultants.



Brenda Tassava, CVPM, CVJ @ Oct 23rd 2012 9:30pm
Great article! I wholeheartedly believe that veterinarians, and their practices need to embrace blogging as standard operating procedure and good business practice.
Judy @ Oct 23rd 2012 10:05pm
Thanks Brenda, I agree! The benefits of blogging are just too great to ignore, and it can be lots of fun too.
Carmel Keylock RVN, CCRP @ Oct 24th 2013 1:48pm
We all know we should do it. Its finding the time to write, polish, launch and promote it. In this day and age of "drag & drop" creating a website or even business app takes little effort, but writing a blog... now that's a different story
Judy @ Oct 24th 2013 2:18pm
I agree Carmel but I've learned 4 things during my 'blogging adventure': 1. The whole process gets faster over time; 2. A blog post doesn't have to be a literary masterpiece - it can be a photo with a few sentences, a link to another blog post with a couple of sentences or even a funny story or a joke - it just needs to be regular; 3. Perfection is overrated - just get it published!, and; 4. Having a plan or a blogging schedule helps with routine - here's one I prepared earlier ;-)
Rhys Hayward @ Oct 29th 2013 2:05pm
Agree totally with Judy, just do it and get it out there....mine are no masterpieces but generally take around 15 minutes, 30 tops. Short is fine and can actually be better and get more engagement!

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