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Your veterinary clients may STILL not be seeing your Facebook posts!

Posted in Social Media @ Jan 21st 2014 - By Judy Gillespie
Clients Not Seeing Your Facebook Posts

Nothing stays the same for long in Facebook world

- and with all the work you put into your veterinary Page you want your clients to see your Posts!  

Things are always changing on Facebook - rarely with any warning or explanation.  There has been some weird stuff going on with the algorithms – Vetanswers posts are now being seen nowhere near as much as they used to be and I hope that won’t stay the same for long.

At some stage Facebook also appears to have removed the opportunity for users to request that posts from certain Pages always appear in their Newsfeed.  You used to be able to visit a Business Page & click on the 'Settings' to ensure you were receiving 'All Updates' in your Personal Newsfeed.

But at some stage in the last few months, this feature was removed.  Thanks Facebook!

The Replacement?

I’ve recently come across another setting that I think could work as a replacement option although it is a little more complicated – of course!

The Instructions....

Open your personal Facebook page & click ‘Home’.

On the left hand side at the very bottom you’ll see the heading: ‘Interests’


Now in the ‘Search Bar’ at the top of your personal page type in Vetanswers & click on the link to visit the Vetanswers Page (oh ok – you could type in any Business Page I suppose!)

On Vetanswers' Page you should see that the ‘Liked’ box is ticked (if not then tick it!).  Click on the little grey wheel and you’ll see the following drop down list. Click on ‘Add to Interest List’:

I already have an Interest List called ‘Veterinary Business’ so I can just click there & the Page is added to the List.


BUT if you’ve never used ‘Interest Lists’ before you’ll need to create a List.  To do this click on ‘+ New List....’. 

On the left hand side of the new screen that has just opened, you’ll see a list of suggested List Headings.  If none of these suit just click ‘Next’ in the bottom right hand corner.

Now you get to choose:

  • 1. Your ‘List Name’ - I’ve chosen to call this list ‘Awesome Businesses'
  • 2. ‘Who can see this list:’- you’ll need to decide whether the list is for the ‘Public’; ‘Friends’ or ‘Only Me’.

3. Now click ‘Done’

Now your new ‘Interest List’ will open up on your personal page:


To make sure you receive all the Posts from the ‘Awesome Businesses’ on your list, click on the blue ‘Manage List’ on the right hand side & make sure all the Update choices are ticked, or remove those you’re not interested in seeing e.g. Games!


Now all you need to do to keep up with all the Posts from your favourite (awesome) businesses is open up this list.

However!  There’s just one more thing...

As you may have noticed, your ‘Interest Lists’ are right down the bottom of the left hand side menu which means you’re quite likely to forget that the Lists even exist.  To ensure this is less likely to happen, scroll down to your favourite Interest List (the one with Vetanswers in it!) and click on the little blue pencil. 

Click on ‘Add to Favorites’ and you’ll see that your ‘Awesome Businesses’ Interest list has disappeared. Until that is, you scroll to the top on the left hand side menu & under ‘Favourites’ you’ll now see your ‘Awesome Businesses’ Interest List – tah dah!

You can also work with your ‘Interest Lists’ by clicking on ‘Interests’ heading on the bottom of the left hand side menu

Then click on the little blue pencil next to each of your ‘Interest’ Lists and you can ‘Add/Remove from Favourites’ or ‘Delete List’

So this is the only way I can come up with to ensure I get to see all the Posts from the Businesses I have chosen to follow on Facebook.  It’s not perfect, as it still requires me to click on the List to view the Posts but it’s better than least until Facebook changes it again that is!  

I'd love to hear in the Comments section below if you have any other suggestions for making sure you see all your favourite Business Page Posts  in your Newsfeed.


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