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Your Veterinary Facebook Business Page - the hot topic right now

Posted in Guest Blogger @ Jun 11th 2014 - By Michele Elmas, Social Media Strategist/Consultant, KISS Digital Marketing
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Businesses, including veterinary practices, that use Facebook as part of their marketing have noticed a dramatic decline in reach and here's why!

The new Facebook algorithm and organic reach being way down is a very hot topic right now. Facebook states that they are doing this for a very good reason, if engagement on your page (and engagement being Likes, Comments or Shares) is low then they believe it’s because your page is not offering enough value to your followers…. really? How do they determine this? 

If your followers are not being responsive, and are not engaging.  Facebook then views your page as a bit of a ghost town and therefore your posts won't get as much reach as someone else's (for example your competitor).  But once your followers start to engage on your page, your posts will start to regularly show up on your Likers timeline with more frequency.

However, let’s not forget that just like us, Facebook is a business, they are not a charity or non-profit organisation and they too have to make money. Since becoming a public company they now have an obligation to their shareholders to ensure it makes a profit.  So I also suspect this new change in the algorithm has more to do with encouraging you to spend some of your advertising budget with them through paid ads… but when you think about it, is that so unreasonable? 

Yes we are up in arms, but that is because we have been so used to being able to market on Facebook for free… we’ve simply been spoilt!

So all of those years you invested in building your Facebook presence are wasted, right?

Nope not at all. 

If you choose to continue to market your business without investing in ads then it just means that you need to start thinking differently and a little more strategically about what you can do to increase your engagement.  Some ways you can easily do this is by tweaking your post so that your Likers feel compelled to respond. For example:

  • Asking questions, 
  • Adding in CTA’s (Call To Action) to your posts e.g. actually asking your followers to share a story and/or comment below, 
  • Ensuring that you are posting at LEAST once a day (minimum!)
  • Starting conversations

But let me just finish up on this note….

Facebook advertising does not have to cost you the earth. Let me give you an example and explain why. 

I am currently putting together a campaign for a client who is on a very small budget. Their sole purpose is to gain exposure for their new website, increase awareness of their business, and bring people over from Facebook to their website.

We created a campaign that is only costing them only $7 per day….. yep thats right $7 per day, and they are currently averaging 15-20 new Likers of their page per day. Plus with the right direction on how to post, when to post and what to post, their engagement is up to approx 50%, which in turn means their reach is substantially higher and they are actually being seen in the newsfeeds.

We have simply been spoilt up till now. Where else would you get such effective marketing and customer interaction with your clients and potential customers?

You have a marketing budget, so why are you not allocating a percentage to Facebook?

While things have changed with Facebook, businesses and veterinary practices need to up their game, be a little more strategic and use the site to its full potential.  A combination of good content and ad campaigns will go a long way in doing that.  

Yes, the free ride is over but you had to have suspected it was coming.

Feel free to ask Michele more about her strategies for Facebook Business Pages in the Comments section below.


Michele Elmas-Hardy is a social media trainer, consultant and speaker at and is passionate about helping small businesses understand and leverage the power of social media marketing.  

You can also connect with Michele via the KISS Digital Marketing Facebook Page and on Twitter @MicheleEHardy

You can also find out more about KISS Digital Marketing in the Vetanswers Business Directory


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