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Steve the Birdbox... Encouraging positivity & fun in your veterinary team

Steve The Birdbox Encouraging Positivity Fun In Your Veterinary Team 2
Posted in Our Community at 06 November, 2019

Keen to turn your veterinary staff meetings into a more positive and fun event that your team looks forward to? Then you might want to consider your very own 'Steve the Birdbox'!...

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Posted by Tania, Thornleigh Veterinary Hospital

How do you move on and grow after leaving a long-term veterinary job?

How Do You Move On And Grow After Leaving A Long Term Veterinary Job
Posted in Our Community at 13 September, 2018

When you leave a long-term job because things no longer feel right - how do you move forward from the feelings of grief? How do you get back the motivation & spark? A difficult yet important question from a member of our Community......

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Posted by Anonymous

Are You Inspiring Your Veterinary Team?

Are You Inspiring Your Veterinary Team
Posted in Management at 01 March, 2017

Woah! Recent report has found that 48% of Australian employees rate the ability to motivate and inspire as the single most important attribute of a successful leader! In the past it was all about change now it's about inspiration - do you inspire?...

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2 Comments   Posted by Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers

Let's start a 'little things matter' campaign in every veterinary workplace

Lets Start A Little Things Matter Campaign In Every Veterinary Workplace
Posted in Our Community at 22 September, 2016

I'd like to suggest we all start a new campaign in every veterinary practice. In a recent blog post I discussed 'Why dirty dishes might be an indicator as to the health of your veterinary practice culture' and it got me thinking. So often it seems that in...

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Posted by Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers

If there's one person you can rely on in your veterinary's you!

If Theres One Person You Can Rely On Its You
Posted in Our Community at 25 August, 2016

Look within for recognition and motivation - and you'll always have a great source of motivation. I was reading an article on the nine worst things that managers do to make good employees quit. Number 2 was:They don't recognise contributions and reward go...

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Posted by Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers

Want to increase your veterinary practice income by more than $50,000 in 2015?

iM3 CR72
Posted in Guest Blogger at 05 February, 2015

I recently asked the Business Experts who are a part of the Vetanswers Community for their &Top Tips for Success in 2015 & Philip Bloom, the founder of iM3 sent me his tip not just for 2015 but also for 2016 and the future...

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Posted by Phillip Bloom, iM3

Warning! Is the dreaded 'End of Year Fatigue Syndrome' impacting on your team members?

Christmas fatigue
Posted in Management at 22 November, 2011

Have you noticed any signs of fatigue, grumpyness, stress or a strange wild-eyed look in the eyes of any of your staff? If the staff in question also have children then they may already be suffering from the dreaded 'end of year fatigue syndrome'....

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Posted by Judy Gillespie

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