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Improving the resilience of your veterinary team

Improving The Resilience Of Your Veterinary Team 2
Posted in Management at 07 June, 2018

Resilience is about overcoming challenges, managing change, dealing with adversity and reaching out for help. Recently, there seems to be more information and research available about improving the resilience of our veterinary teams and this is fantastic...

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Posted by Dr Natasha Wilks, BVSc Dip Coaching CAPP B3, High Performance Vets

Where the heck is Wagga...and what does it have to do with improving veterinary skills?

Where The Heck Is Wagga And What Does It Have To Do With Improving Veterinary Skills 3
Posted in Guest Blogger at 18 June, 2015

People often ask us why our workshops are far away, in strange lands like Wagga or Gatton or Melbourne I get it, So here's my answer: Getting away helps you concentrate in a relaxed way.
It may sound strange to many of us, but we actually learn and opera...

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Posted by Dr Ilana Mendels Director VetPrac

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