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The safest & smartest investment you can make? Investing in your Self Worth.

The Safest Smartest Investment You Can Make Investing In Your Self Worth
Posted in Guest Blogger at 13 February, 2020

Do you have self-worth? What about others in your veterinary team? First things first you are AMAZING, so you have every reason to be confident in who you are. But are you? Confidentially: seriously, this is something I struggle with every day and many...

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Posted by Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice

Would you like an Instruction Manual for Managing Your Veterinary Team? Part 1

Disc An Instruction Manual For Managing Your Veterinary Team
Posted in Management at 05 February, 2020

Have you ever wondered why there are some people that you seem to get along with better than others? Think about the last time you met someone new, what was the interaction like? Did you struggle to connect, or did it seem like you had known each...

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1 Comments   Posted by Tracy Kamen, Director OnPoint Veterinary Coaching

In need of a good 'To Do' List? At home or at work, you're going to love Remember the Milk

Management Rememberthemilk Logo
Posted in Management at 01 December, 2016

Always looking for the best way to organise your tasks? I think I've found the answer. I'm a sucker for a 'To Do' list & I've tried paper versions, diary versions and a couple of apps but after a while none seem to work probably due to the large number...

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Posted by Judy Gillespie,Vetanswers

Tips for managing conflict in your veterinary team

Tips For Managing Conflict In Your Veterinary Team 2
Posted in Guest Blogger at 17 August, 2016

Conflict in your veterinary team is natural and normal - it's how you handle it that makes all the difference! In interpersonal relations, conflict is as natural as breathing. Conflict can happen for many reasons and present in many ways. When you're wor...

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1 Comments   Posted by Sue Crampton, CCG

Short staffed & grumpy..a question from a veterinary practice manager

Short Staffed And Grumpy A Question From A Veterinary Practice Manager
Posted in Management at 02 March, 2016

A Veterinary Practice Manager writes: We have been really short staffed at the clinic over the past few weeks. We had some staff turnover, sickness, going back to school etc. We just haven't been able to fill all the shifts for the past 5 weeks or so........

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Posted by Tanja Mimica, ConsultlMates

Some veterinary clients you love...and...some you don't

Some veterinary clients you like and some you don't
Posted in Client Service at 30 April, 2015

If you understand the words, why does it seem like some of your veterinary clients are speaking a totally different language?...

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Posted by Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers

Should You be Encouraging Your Veterinary Team Members to "Catch the Bus?"

Crowded bus
Posted in Management at 21 February, 2013

This year my son is catching the bus to & from school. Yippee! I really had no idea what a difference such a relatively small thing could make. From his perspective it makes him feel more responsible and in charge of his life as he's responsible ........

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Posted by Judy Gillespie

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