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3 Things I bet you didn't know about...VetCheck

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Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know at 28 March, 2019

VetCheck is the easiest & fastest way for veterinary teams to share health information, treatment plans and appointment reminders to their customer's mobile device. 1. They are absolute experts at..... VetCheck has everything you need for exceptional com...

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Posted by Dr Amanda Chin, VetCheck

How to simplify your veterinary writing to suit clients & the public

How To Simplify Your Veterinary Writing To Suit Clients And The Public
Posted in Client Service at 14 November, 2018

Quite often when I read veterinary posts, I ask myself, "How much of this post will the public understand?" As well as being a veterinarian, I am a medical writer. I am passionate about communicating health and medical information with the public.......

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Posted by Dr Meredith Crowhurst

Australian Dog Lover - providing educational information for pet owners

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Posted in Our Community at 04 July, 2018

Where do your clients get their online pet information? Is it a reputable source? Have you heard of the Australian Dog Lover website and digital magazine? It's grown exponentially since its inception in October 2015 with over 845 articles on a wide range...

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Posted by Agnes Beugnon, Australian Dog Lover

Sharing your veterinary videos online - what's stopping you?

Sharing Your Veterinary Videos Online Whats Stopping You
Posted in Social Media at 17 May, 2018

Entertain, connect with and educate your veterinary clients with videos I spend a LOT of time online and watch quite a few videos (yes - I AM watching all of those cat videos for work purposes of course!). But maybe I&m not seeing enough?...

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Posted by Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers

Pet Insurance Options for Older Dogs and Cats

Pet Insurance Options For Older Dogs And Cats
Posted in Guest Blogger at 01 August, 2017

Pet Insurance for senior pets can be tricky - especially at a time when pets may need even more veterinary care. Just like us humans, getting older often means more trips to the doctor for a growing list of aches, pains and illnesses. Even dogs and cats t...

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Posted by Mitch, Top 10 Pet Insurance
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