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Would you like an Instruction Manual for Managing Your Veterinary Team? Part 1

Disc An Instruction Manual For Managing Your Veterinary Team
Posted in Management at 05 February, 2020

Have you ever wondered why there are some people that you seem to get along with better than others? Think about the last time you met someone new, what was the interaction like? Did you struggle to connect, or did it seem like you had known each...

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1 Comments   Posted by Tracy Kamen, Director OnPoint Veterinary Coaching

The person behind the business - Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice

The Person Behind The Business Turbo Charge Your Business
Posted in The Person Behind the Business.. at 22 May, 2019

Turbo Charge your Practice can help you to transform your Veterinary Practice into a powerful, profitable and effective investment. I'm endlessly curious about people and why they do what they do so I asked Diederik some questions......

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Posted by Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice

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