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Top 3 things I bet you didn’t know about..... Wildlife Outreach Vet

3 Things I Bet You Didnt Know About
Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know at 18 February, 2021

Wildlife Outreach Vet will help you to share your story: veterinary communications, management & marketing. Writing, content development, social media & website content, media relations, publication design, & communications management for veterinary bus...

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Posted by Dr Phil Tucak, Wildlife Outreach Vet

Abusive veterinary client? Tips on how to deal

Abusive Veterinary Client Tips On How To Deal 2
Posted in Client Service at 13 August, 2020

I have a love-hate relationship with the closed veterinary groups on social media. I get annoyed by the negativity and complaining that often creeps into posts, and the passive aggressive (and sometimes not so passive!) squabbles that pop up all too ofte...

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Posted by Dr Hubert Hiemstra

When it hits the fan. Dealing with mistakes in veterinary practice (part 2)

When It Hits The Fan
Posted in Our Community at 19 September, 2019

What do we do when what we fear has happened? When you've done something, or didn't do something, and the outcome for your patient has not been good. Luckily we have decades of research from both the medical and veterinary worlds to learn from. Some of th...

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2 Comments   Posted by Dr Hubert Hiemstra

Did you know we're lied to over 200 times per day?

Did You Know Were Lied To Over 200 Times Per Day V2
Posted in Management at 20 September, 2017

Today, we're going to discuss some exploratory steps into lie detection and set you on the path to becoming a human lie detector. This is a really in-depth topic and we certainly can't go as deep as I'd like to, but I'd love to give you enough steps.......

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Posted by Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice

"I want to be a veterinarian, they rake it in!"

I Want To Be A Veterinarian They Rake It In
Posted in Client Service at 19 October, 2016

It's not the first time I've been in a social setting with non vet industry folk and heard "I want to be a vet, they rake it in! I spent $600 there last week!". When it happened for the third time this week I took my normal stance and asked .......

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Posted by Roxy Krueger, Sales Manager, VetShare

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